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Im looking for Douglas(s) in Wootton, Northamptonshire.

My ancestor Joseph Douglas left there and moved to Bradford, Yorkshire (between 1861 - 1870). 

Joseph was born in Wootton, Northamptonshire in 1848. His father is Samuel Douglas born 1823, Wootton, and his father Joseph born 1800, Wootton.

I was surprised that my ancestor hadnt moved from Scotland, so Im wondering what they were doing in Wootton, all Ive discovered so far is that they built houses! I havent got any further back.

Has anyone got any ancestors from Wootton?


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Hello Kim Smith,

Re: your post concerning Susanna, I am a bit confused by your dates. If she was supposed to be born 1748 that is a possibility. My cousin Linda has combed the PRs for me and this is not recorded there (or at Chacombe where Elizabeth came from). The records are not infallible and I have proof of the existence of other Douglas' who are not found in PRs. Welcome to my world of scouring the internet for 'unknown unknowns'. If you are correct however, we are cousins.


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