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November 2016 Blog Posts (9)

Battle of Solway Moss

On this day in 1542, England captured about 1,200 Scottish prisoners with its victory in the Battle of Solway Moss. Amongst those taken prisoner was Sir James Douglas, 7th of Drumlanrig. ;

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George Brisbane Douglas portait for sale

A 19th century portrait miniature on porcelain, "Sir George Brisbane Douglas", is due to be sold at auction.

Sir George was born on 22nd December 1856 in Gibraltar, his mother's (Dona Sanchez de…


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Douglas and Willet

This is a continuation of the last blog.

We have the exact birthdate of Douglas Willet. We know that Douglas and Isabel were married as early as 1635 or 1636 because they attended a wedding in Scotland in 1636. First daughter, Sarah Douglas, suffered a tragic death at the age of twelve. We have the year she died. Elizabeth Douglas, the second child, had to have been born about 1641. In his will Edward Douglas informs authorities that son, Edward Douglas, Jr., be 'of age' at eighteen.…


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Douglas and Willet

I have considerably more information to provide on Edward Douglas, Sr. and John Willet who married his daughter, Elizabeth Douglas. I am afraid to edit as it might not hold for me. Edward Douglas is found with two S letters as often as one S. As his will was written with one S I emphasized the one S. I was in error stating that 'Dales Gift' was the first patent in America. It may have been the first land grant. Sir Thomas Dale, Marshal of Virginia, was not born in Middlesex County. When he…


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Douglas of where?

I have received a family tree emblazoned with several heraldic shields of the various branches and families.

One is untitled.

The centre is the arms of the Douglases of Lochleven and the Earls of Morton. But the checkered (checky) border is unknown to me.

Can anyone…


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Thomas Hunt III


Thomas Hunt III was the son of Captain Thomas Hunt, Jr. and Ann Wilkins. (I have imposed the Roman numeral III after the name in order to clearly distinguish him from other Hunts bearing the same given name). Thomas Hunt III married Smart Tankred, born 1689, sister of Mary Tankred, who married John Hunt, brother of Thomas Hunt III. Most authorities do not accept this determination that Smart Tankred was the wife of Thomas Hunt III. Authorities agree that Smart Tankred's…


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Sarah Hunt

Generation 5-

Sarah Hunt, daughter of John Hunt and Mary Tankred, petitioned the Court June 1729 that she was the daughter of John Hunt and "that your petitioner is now arrived to the age of sixteen years and her estate is in the hands of Mrs. Ann Pigot, her guardian, who refuses to deliver your petitioner her estate. Your Petitioner humbly desires you will order the said Mrs. Pigot to deliver to your Petitioner her estate pursuant to the direction of her father's will ." We do not…


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Elishe Hunt

Generation 5

Elishe Hunt, daughter of  Azariah Hunt and Anne Willett, married Nathaniel Stratton, 28 Sept. 1757; daughter of Azariah Hunt, dec'd. Isaac Jacob sec. "Marriages Northampton County, 1660-1854, Jean Mihalyka, page 108.

Nathaniel Stratton -Administration of his estate 14 Nov 1769- Administrator; John Stratton, Elishe, the widow of the dec' having resigned. Apprs; Zerobabel Stott, John Guy, Harold Joyn, Douglas Willet.-Minutes #27, 1765-1771, page 326.

Will of…


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Azariah Hunt

Generation 4

Azariah Hunt, son of John Hunt (generation 3) and Mary Tankred, married Anne Willett, daughter of Captain Willett, Gent., and Anne Stringer. Upon the death of Azariah Hunt Anne (Willet) Hunt married Thomas Hunt (Generation 4), son of Thomas Hunt and Smart Tankred, sister of Mary Tankred who married John Hunt, Mary Hunt's grandfather. Children of Azariah Hunt and Ann Willet are Mary Hunt and Elishe Hunt.

Will of Azariah Hunt written 14 March 1735/36 and proved 13…


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