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At 13:55 on May 10, 2020, Betsey Heath Howes said…

Jill,  I am so sorry for the extreme delay in responding.  I have not had any internet connection for several years which, when added to caring to a failing husband, has meant my research and postings have become non-existant.   My short answer to your query is that my research says that William b abt 1610 was English.  My cousins' old SNP test result shows a huge cluster for R-U106, his result, smack dab in Northamptonshire.  That's not proof, of course, but an indication that he might have been born there.  His ancestry is possibly through an early (pre 1600) Northants Douglas/Duglas who I haven't found a living descendant for yet.  There are a couple.  We have tested 2 and another line tested independently.  None matched at all.   The paper trail gets us nowhere so the answer remains DNA.  I now have a internet connection and a determination to get this puzzle solved.

Betsey Heath Howes

At 11:09 on January 15, 2015, William Douglas said…

Jill, you probably know this, but it mmight help others connect:

Hezekiah Douglas was born in New London, New London, Connecticut, USA on 19 Jan 1749 to Daniel Douglas and Lois Calkins.

Hezekiah Douglas the elder died on 1805.

Ester Witter was born on 12 May 1753 in Preston City, New London, Connecticut, United States, the daughter of Ebenezer Witter and Elizabeth Brown

Mr. Hezekiah Dowglass (Hezekiah Douglass?) of Norwich & Mrs. Esther Witter of Preston were married April 11, 1771.
Esther Dowglass (Esther Douglass?) was born Dec. 1, 1771 and died April 24, 1772.
Esther Dowglass (Esther Douglass?) 2nd was born Feb. 21, 1773.
Daniel Dowglass (Daniel Douglass?) was born March 16, 1775 and died March 23, 1776.
Hezekiah Dowglass (Hezekiah Douglass?) was born May 16, 1777.
Jabez Avery Dowglass (Jabez Avery Douglass?) was born May 9, 1779.
Daniel Dowglass (Daniel Douglass?) 2nd was born May 17, 1781.
Mr. Hezekiah Dowglass (Hezekiah Douglass?) died Aug. 10, 1781.
Daniel Dowglas (Daniel Douglass?) 2nd died Sept. 21, 1781.

At 13:45 on December 29, 2014, Russell Lynn Drysdale said…

Welcome Jill !

Making conections

The more information you can give about the people you mention, the more chance there is of someone else connecting with your family.

Dates and places of births, deaths and marriages all help to place families.

Professions also help.

'My great-grandmother mother was a Douglas from Montrose' does not give many clues to follow up! But a bit of flesh on the bones makes further research possible. But if we are told who she married, what his profession was and where the children were baptised, then we can get to work.

Maybe it is time to update the information in your profile?

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