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At 23:09 on January 28, 2021, Jan Douglas Elder said…

Thank you for the warm welcome, William.

Yes, I am finding Archibald to be a mystery which prompted me to do further research rather than rely on others for "facts." I have done a DNA test as well as my 97 year old aunt. She is my father's older sister. I often call to see what else she might remember. She has done much research over the years. When their father left them during the depression they became alienated from the family somehow. Her knowledge is limited and there is no one left to share. I will now begin researching  my great aunts and uncles and their descendants and try to work up from there. I believe many headed to the Midwest.

Our part of the Douglas's are from the Nashville, Tennessee area. My father Alfred Ewing (Jr) was the only son of Alfred Ewing Douglas (Sr) He also had two daughters, my aunts. We are many decedents coast to coast with several DNA tests...much to still unravel. I have my work cut out for me so any help is welcome and appreciated. I also need to learn to navigate your awesome website so patience please!


At 17:49 on December 22, 2020, John Band said…

The Spella House home of Percy and Mary (Band) Douglas is the one you have found in Lower Boddington.

Do you realise this might disappear in the HS2 construction?

sorry to have taken so long to reply - I haven't been to the "Douglas " site for years!

Best wishes, John.22.12.2020.

At 13:27 on December 13, 2020, Tommy Douglas said…

Yes, which is unfortunate because I cannot go back any further.

At 20:26 on December 12, 2020, Timothy Bernard Douglass said…

  Hello William,

Thank you for the welcome,greatly appreciated! I reached out to Brad Bosley. I look forward to being a part of this group. are you a board member or administrator?

At 1:51 on November 7, 2020, Robyn Ann (Douglas) Travis said…

Hey there y'all! I am new to this site and in my research for more info on my family. I am not sure which way to go, so I will start at what I know as the beginning of our little spot in the world. I know some about my Mom's family, and not a lot really about my bio-dad. Douglas was my Mom's maiden name. She was a divorced, single mom when I came a long. I was given her name. So, MY earliest knowledge is of Goldie Vonetta Chitwood (my grandmother aka Mamaw) and Raymond Robert Douglas (Papaw). They "courted" as teens in Anthras, TN. Not sure of exact year but I "guesstimate" that it was around 1920 or so. They married young and began a family. My Mamaw stayed home with her kids and worked the land around their small one room house. Papaw was a hard working coal miner, active in the community and was a deacon at a small church in Anthras. They ultimately had 9 living kids. I am not 100% sure of their order, but I will try to list what info I know below:

Larry Kyle Douglas ( I think he was eldest. He served in the military as a young man. He has several wives over the years. Once he left the military I believe he moved to Lancaster, Ohio to be with his wife? Not sure of profession)

Phyllis Douglas-I think she was second born. She also ultimately married young to Billy Joe Letner, also from TN. They too moved to Ohio. They both were "Evangelical Missionaries". As far as we know they did not leave the country much. They have a daughter named Cindi Ogg who is still living. 

Doris Douglas, unsure of birthday, unsure of middle name/initial. Also married young to ....last name Hemenway (not sure of spell). Has a daughter, Kimberly and a son that passed away young, named Barry Hemenway. 

So sorry to end at an odd spot. My battery is dying on me and on my laptop! Hopefully be back tomorrow! Goodnight from TN!

At 21:58 on October 1, 2020, Jennifer Drechen Spence said…

Thank you but I am looking for where he was born and birthdate as well as his parents.  He just appears in Virginia about 1700.  It’s like he jumped there from an unknown place.  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.  

At 20:42 on October 1, 2020, Timmy Douglass said…

William, thank you for the greeting and the information, but after I put the info in, I returned to studies and realized that I was relying on flawed data from a family member. The earliest ancestor I can follow is James David Douglass of Virginia born around 1723. His son John William was married to Mary Bryan whom upon John's death at the battle of Blue Licks in Kentucky(1782), married the surveyor Ralph Morgan. I have been working at this off and on for about 10 years and find it as satisfying as I do frustrating. I'm hoping that I can get some insight from my fellow Douglas'. Cheers.


At 17:15 on September 8, 2020, Terri Ward said…

Oh my gosh yes! This is my family! 

At 5:51 on August 16, 2020, Michael A Douglas said…

 My DNA!!! Atleast I know in the Douglas ftdna project my kit is 925754 and I have 1 match r1b group95. I tested for Y111 but I noticed a huge DYS425 is 0 null which is rare, my match is also null. Everything about that null value is pointing to Ireland.  On all of FTDNA matching my closest for 111 is 8 gd away so FAR and is not a Douglas.

   On to the next, on familysearch (I've seen referenced on this site) it says Johan Rosie Douglas is my 4th cousin -2X. Going back to William 1780 and Ann Elder

he was by records only 13. I thought boys had to be 14 and girls 12 to marry.  I only mention it as I see questionable ages all the time what about anyone else?

 I descend from  Williams younger brother Alexander (1793) or Williams 2nd son (1795). I say that as the only piece of proof of Alexander in Milwaukee is a 1850 Census stating his age is 55. 


At 20:04 on August 11, 2020, David Douglas said…

Hi William, yes that's him and his father is mentioned on the headstone but is actually buried in the family plot at Trim. His brother George is also buried in Athboy as is his sister Elizabeth Rankin. Next row of graves. I have mowed the grass there many times! The next row has an Albert Douglas - not on our family tree, his father came from County Wicklow. 

At 14:08 on August 11, 2020, David Douglas said…

Hi William, thank for letting me join. The William Douglas you mention as leaving money in 2001 was my uncle. It was the posting by Alison Christine Hodgkiss that caught my attention. The Aaron Douglas she is looking for does not appear in my family tree although all the other Douglases that she mentions are there.

At 19:38 on July 31, 2020, Kevin Pascoe said…

Hiya William, thx for responding. Indeed, on first pass, I had taken it as true that Captain William was the father of Jane and the son of Rev. William but, upon closer inspection, I can find no evidence to support it. According to the documentation I've seen, Rev. William had only a daughter, no son.  Also, I cannot find evidence for a Captain William Douglas with the right dates, let alone one that died at the Battle of Quebec.  If anyone reading this post does have such information, please do let me know.  I would very much like this to be true, as the ancestry of Nicola Hunter can be traced back to King James II.  I fear however that it is not true. The only 'Douglas' I can find in documentation that is said to have died at the Battle of Quebec is Lieutenant John Douglas from the 78th (Fraser's) Highland Rangers. He was said to have been shot through the arm and to have died from his injuries.  I am having difficulty however in further tracing Lieutenant John back. I think he travelled with the Rangers from Scotland in 1757, met Jane's mother locally, Jane was born in 1758, her mother died in childbirth and Lieut. John died 1 year later - making the tracing of ancestry very difficult..!  Whether or not this is what actually happened I have no idea, but it is the only plausible explanation I've so far found evidence to support.   Do you have any suggestions William as to where I can find additional information on Lieutenant John (Fraser's Highland Rangers)..?

At 9:25 on July 31, 2020, Kevin Pascoe said…

Hello again William.  May I ask what it is that occasions you to think that Rev. William Douglas might be the grandfather of Jane..?

At 15:40 on July 30, 2020, Kevin Pascoe said…

Hello William - apologies if I'm doing this incorrectly (first time of using).  Thank you for your comment. The answer is yes, it is Jane from Louisburg. As I understand it, she was born at Louisburg Fortress in 1758. Sadly, her mother (unknown to me) died in childbirth. I have her father as Captain William Douglas who fought with Maj.Gen.James Wolfe at the Battle of Louisburg, and died in 1759 (when Jane was 1 year old) at the Battle of Quebec. Jane married 3 times: Thomas Condon Mellish (in 1774), George Greatoe c.1781/2 and, John Burhoe / Brehaut 1787.  I am not presently sure that her father was indeed Captain William, or that her grandfather was Rev. William.  I see that you've sent some more links, so I'll now go take a look at them.  Thank you.

At 1:43 on July 22, 2020, Susanna Elizabeth Bain said…

Thank you William as far as I am aware Samuel Martin Green was born in France and had the surname DeVere they moved to England and changed their name to Green.  He is my great grandfather and he married Rachel Douglas my great grandmother.  They had a daughter Rachel Maria Green who is my grandmother.  She married my grandfather whose name is William Elkin Hutchison.  They are all buried in the Purewa cemetery in Auckland New Zealand.  I understand Samuel and Rachel met on the sailing ship the blue jacket which I think arrived in New Zealand in January 1861.  The Douglas family came to New Zealand from Scotland with their 10 children six daughters and four sons.  A cousin related to the Box side of the family did a lot of research and had a book printed for a Douglas reunion held in New Zealand which is where I got a lot of my information to start searching I hope this is of interest

At 13:43 on July 20, 2020, Linda Douglas said…

Thank you for your help. My Jeremiah was born 25 April 1791 in Caroline County, MD (no town).  He died 24 Sept 1863 and is buried in Pike Co. MO

At 21:17 on July 1, 2020, Marcela Douglas said…
At 20:54 on July 1, 2020, Marcela Douglas said…

Many thanks William for your response.

My grandfather was born in 1906 in Norther Chile, in the city Iquique that is also an important seaport in Chile. Based on this we think that our great-grandfather came to Northern part of Chile in the late 1800. We belive that he came to Chile with a Railway company to work for them. Best wishes Marcela


At 18:56 on June 7, 2020, Douglas Bliss said…

Thanks for your response. My Douglases were in Chipping Warden, Northamptonshire not Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.  I have seen the blogs mentioning CW and I do believe I am related to the families mentioned. Best wishes, Douglas

At 18:22 on May 25, 2020, Lana Davis said…

With apologies. 

Archibald Douglas
B.  10 March 1770, Virginia, USA
D.  27 March 1815,  Verdery, Greenwood, South Carolina, USA
His second wife was Nancy Ann Wilson
B.  1793, Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina, USA
D.  12 Nov 1852, Greenville, South Carolina, USA 
"Est. of Archibald Douglas admin. April 25, 1815 by Nancy Douglass" 
Donald Douglas sued John Baylis Earle in 1833 and in the lawsuit refers to the "intermarriage with Archibald Douglas' widow.  Much documentation exists about this marriage.  I can provide some.
Nancy Ann Wilson was about 20 years old when she married Archibald and  22 when he died.  She administered Archibald Douglas' Will.  I am attaching a page from a lawsuit between Donald Douglas and John Baylis Earle stating that Earle married Archibald's widow.Nancy%20Ann%20Wilson%20Widow%20of%20Archibald%20Douglas.docx
She remarried at 23 and had her only child at 24, Georgia Washington Earle, a wealthy heir.  She was the second wife of John Baylis Earle b. 23 Oct 1776, Spartanburg, SC, d. 3 Feb 1836, Silver Glade Plantation, Pendelton, Anderson Dist, SC
This site is an amazing work.  Thank you William. 

Making conections

The more information you can give about the people you mention, the more chance there is of someone else connecting with your family.

Dates and places of births, deaths and marriages all help to place families.

Professions also help.

'My great-grandmother mother was a Douglas from Montrose' does not give many clues to follow up! But a bit of flesh on the bones makes further research possible. But if we are told who she married, what his profession was and where the children were baptised, then we can get to work.

Maybe it is time to update the information in your profile?

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