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At 23:03 on June 12, 2022, Petrina Cairns said…

Thank you William. 

I hope the transfer of Douglas Support into the hands of the Community safeguards it for many years to come. Although I'm a Renfrew girl my dad's family were all miners in the Rosehall Colliery which was part of the Coatbridge Estate.

There is a recently published book - Glasgow's Blythswood by Graeme Smith which has a section on the intricacies of the Douglas/Campbell inheritance. The estate in Renfrew was originally called Renfield or Ranfield, which now lives on in Renfield St. 

Thanks again


At 15:51 on June 12, 2022, Daniel Douglas said…

Good day, I am pleased that you responded and appreciate any information I can get.

I have more information on the 5 Douglas brothers. Their father was John Douglas b 1750 d1813, Born in Saint Cuthberts, Edinburg, Midlothian Died in Parish of Clyne, Southerland. His sons are Donald b1773 d 1869, Norman b1789 d 1869, Alexander b1798 d1875,Angus b1805 d1890 and John who is my direct relative b 1802 d 1876. The bothers all migrated to Pictou, Nova Scotia. I have no real records on any of this and wondered if you might be able to shed some light on this.

Best Regards, Daniel Stewart Douglas

At 10:47 on May 22, 2022, Ben Berwick said…
Thanks for the comment William! This is all fairly new to me, so anything that offers up another fascinating glimpse into my family tree is good to me! Thank you for the link to investigate too - I think it's what drew me to your site originally.
At 21:54 on April 1, 2022, Robert Douglas Bell said…

My grandson researched my heritage on the Douglas side and found we are descendants of William de Douglas / Margaret Kersdale 1167 1214.

My grandfather was William Temple Douglas 1887 -1951 who married Janet Fotheringham.  Moved to Canada in the late 1930s.  

My mother's name is Mary Ann Temple Douglas. one of six children.

At 18:32 on February 4, 2022, Scott Douglas said…

Yes, he lived in Rockingham.  I’m descendant of his son Joseph Sr who moved to Kentucky.  The family then went to Illinois.  I have old family records that refer to Hugh being from Scotland and coming over in 1740, his son James was already born. If the will I found is accurate he passed around 1780-1788.  Wife was supposedly named Margaret.  All kinds of misinformation on trees, but likely none true.  My Hugh was a farmer and likely not from one of the more notable Douglas lines I presume.

At 9:15 on January 18, 2022, Kim Nielsen said…
Hi William! Roberta Douglas Smith was my great grandmother, her daughter Rachel was my grandmother. I have managed to trace the 'double barrel' name back a bit more. Roberta's father William Douglas Smith 1846-1892 was born at Rue Farm in Holywood, Dumfries, his father was Robert Douglas Smith 1766 Tyrnon Dumfries and his parents were John Smith and Jean Douglas (Duglass) born 1740. I am now seeking further information about them. It is interesting that the surnames were merged as if she wished to retain Douglas. I'd be grateful for more information on her. I do have four 'clan' groups in the family history to research being Bailliol, Niven, Douglas, Anderson and possibly Smith. I was hoping to visit this year and learn more about the locations. My father even spoke Scotch Gaelic and my grandmother believed the family descended from the Black Douglas line.
At 15:17 on November 13, 2021, laura seymore said…

Thank you, William. I have an Alexander McIntire d 1786, Margaret Kerr D 1753 and Archibald Douglas b 1688 d 1762. They are buried at "The Pines" Church Cemetary in Straban Township, Adams County, PA with my know relative John McIntire b 1804 d 1867. I believe they are related as this transcript was given to me in multiple forms from deceased family members. I've been stuck finding any parents for John for years.

At 22:01 on October 29, 2021, Jeanee Tollefson said…

Hello William, Received your message today about the Douglas shepherds. I would be interested in knowing more about them. I have a several ancestors from the borders who moved during the Lowland Clearances timeframe and my James Douglas seems to fit. Can you recommend any reading or links to learn more?

I recently read The Lowland Clearances by Aithchison and Cassell which was a good read but nothing in depth about the occupation of shepherding specifically. 



At 9:15 on October 2, 2021, Timothy Bernard Douglass said…

Hello William, Hope all is well with you. I haven't log on to the site for quite a while. shame on me!   I'm going to take your advice about making some Entries of family members that I think should be mentioned in the biographical section . especially the ones I know the historical facts about. Thanks for the suggestion, & thank you for all you do for the site and the Members!


Timothy B Douglass

At 15:14 on September 16, 2021, Tarek Shraibati said…

Thanks for the add and the comment. Your observation is spot on. I was always by my mother that they emigrated from Thurso. 

At 14:36 on August 28, 2021, Vickie Collins said…

Yes they are my ggg grandparents. Thank you for messaging me back. Vickie 

At 17:19 on August 25, 2021, trevor john campbell low said…

thank you I am happy that others are connecting with my website. It was not what I started out to do but it is interesting to let the connections take over. Access to original documents makes everything much more real.  Trevor 

At 18:03 on August 4, 2021, Steven Ray Douglas said…

Thanks for the information. I'll take a close look at it later this week to see what information I can use.

At 18:06 on July 30, 2021, Steven Ray Douglas said…

Hi William, 

Thanks so much for contacting me. 

William Douglas is my direct ancestor (6 generations). Here is what I know about him:


Born in 1796 in Morebatte, Roxburghshire, Scotland


Married Jan 27, 1822 to Margaret Robson (born 1799, death 12/41858)


Immigration in 1829. Ship Sarah.  Settled in Dehli, New York




Marget born 1824? (Christening 3/4/1824 Gateshaw, Morebattle, Scotland)

Jane born 1830 death 1910

James 3/25/1833 – 3/27/1906*

Elizabeth Ann born 1835

Isabella born 1837

William H born 1841


Residence in 1855: Meredith, Delaware, New York

Residence in 1865: Delhi, Delaware, New York


Death 2/14/1870 in Delhi, Delaware, New York


He's listed on the Douglas Archives website on the "Early Douglas Settlers in America" page. Third from the bottom.


I would love to find out more information about him and his parents, grandparents, etc. so I can learn more about my ancestors before they came to the United States.


*His son, James, is my direct ancestor (5 generations.) He married Rachel J Doolittle on 2/2/1856.

At 12:00 on June 14, 2021, Andrew Douglas said…

Thanks William I'll fill in what I know starting with George b1790.

George B 1790 Sparington Yorkshire D 1854 Sculcoates (Hull) M Mary Batty 1815.

John B 1750 Bubwith Yorkshire M Hannah Hare 1787

John B 1725 York M Mary Pearte 1746

Richard B 1696 D 1777 M Ellin Thakeray 1723

Henery B 1670 M Mary Wilkinson 

Thomas B 1640 D 1698

Thomas B 1610 M Dorithe Silversides 1639

John B 1580

William B 1550

 Most of the information from John B 1750 has come from Ancestry so I"m unable to confirm its accuracy.

Hope this is of some help.

Regards Andy


At 9:23 on June 14, 2021, Andrew Douglas said…

Good Morning William

Thank you for adding me to your group.

My branch of the Douglas family from Hull are descendants of my 3rd GGF George Douglas b1790 going further back to my 9th GGF Thomas b1610 married to Dorithe Silversides June 1639,his father was John b1580 and his father William 1550 they are all recorded as being baptised in York and that is all I know about them,we may have family connections from Leeds but I'm having difficulty finding any more information,I think It's fair to assume that we did originate from Scotland and I would really like to make that connection,any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Andy

At 20:49 on June 8, 2021, Henry Barraud Hunt, Jr. said…

Thanks for your help William. It is good to hear from you again Regards

At 4:31 on June 2, 2021, Brian Edwin Hayes said…


Thank you for adding me to your group.

According to my sourced research and DNA matches, William Hogg b. 08 Oct 1769 Yetholm, Roxburgh is a 4th GGF of mine. According to my Ancestry research tree, his mother, Isobel Stephenson/Stevenson b. 1704 is the daughter of Elizabeth Douglas b. 1704, who is in turn the daughter of James Douglas b. 1682 Kelso, Roxburgh is possibly my 7th GGF. As this connection is unproven, other than Ancestry trees, I would like to be able to access more roust genealogy. David Elliott of Hawick recommended that I review your site as a way to access higher quality, sourced research.


Brian Hayes

Comox, British Columbia, Canada

At 5:24 on May 10, 2021, Christopher lloyd Douglas said…


Good Afternoon William,

The above word page is regarding Alexander Douglas 1585 to 1661. Will this work or do I need to do it long hand?


At 13:50 on February 5, 2021, Karen Douglas said…

hello, when I try to look at the link it goes to a weblink that says it is not secure. Any idea why that is? thanks

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Dates and places of births, deaths and marriages all help to place families.

Professions also help.

'My great-grandmother mother was a Douglas from Montrose' does not give many clues to follow up! But a bit of flesh on the bones makes further research possible. But if we are told who she married, what his profession was and where the children were baptised, then we can get to work.

Maybe it is time to update the information in your profile?

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