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At 11:59 on July 9, 2010, Henry John DOUGLAS said…
His son, Henry John Watson Douglas, born 1868, died 1957 went to New Zealand as a young man on the Barque Kirkdale, in 1887...I have the original testimonial given to him by the Captain on arrival in Bluff Harbour, 23/01/1888, when he left the ship to seeks his fortune...without much success, sadly! The family story is that he gave up attempts at sheep farming, bought a trading schooner and operated that until it was wrecked, when he returned to the UK as a "distressed British seaman" and married a widow, who didn't fancy going to NZ!
At 11:20 on July 9, 2010, Henry John DOUGLAS said…
I don't know about "line", I'm afraid..the furthest back I've got is to John Watson Douglas, born in Ferryden, by Montrose in 1836..he was a sea captain and I have a copy of his entry in Lloyd's Captains List showing his commands and voyages, before he died of "African Fever" in 1878.
At 12:12 on July 5, 2010, Patricia Kemp Levinson said…
Thank you. I descend from Robert M Dean and Elizabeth Douglass of Delaware, Caroline and Schuyler Counties in NY. Pat
At 22:42 on June 22, 2010, Marilynn Darling said…
Thank you,
I've been working with Betsey Howe in searching for William's family in Easton Maudit, Northamptonshire instead of in Scotland as so many have assumed. We are very excited about what we're finding and would like to network with anyone else looking for him in England.

At 23:19 on April 4, 2010, Justine Swaving- Doorenbos said…
About my ancestor Lt General Robert Douglas. He came to the Netherlands in the 18th century. as an officer of a Scots regiment. He married Helena de Brauw, a dutch lady of rank and had 3 children by her. He wrote a book about his life.
A copy of this autobiography must be in Edinburgh . His correspondence with the Royal family of Holland is kept in the royal archives. He is the ancestor of the Dutch branch of the Douglas family.
His youngest daughter Elisabeth is my grt grt grandmother.
At 0:19 on March 26, 2010, Jane Miscavich said…
Thank you, William. I did not expect that you could help me but with the assistance of your website I thought someone out there may be able to. Thank you for your prompt response though. I noticed my "cousin" John Goodwin Douglas is a member also. His research blended with mine helped to validate our paper trail back to 1731, which I found exciting. Now we both are looking for someone to take us even farther back.
At 4:51 on March 6, 2010, Ruil C Douglas said…
Yes mate I am still in that hole ,Have I sent you a copy of out Family Book (The John DouglasFamily of Mississippi ) if not I can do that for you to use as a referance ,it is170 pages printed in 1962 ! What say you
At 20:15 on February 24, 2010, lilian janet bregmen said…
Hello William, the death dates I gave for Mary And Archibald were the baptism dates not deaths, please correct, but Mary Jane Lived ony for (1day 1 month ). Walter Michael Aubrey Douglas took his mothers name , his father/mother were Walter Richard Barnes Esquire a Captain on half pay in Her Majesty's Indian Army and Christiana Isabella daughter of John Kearsley Douglas Willan. Will reply again soon. Lilian
At 11:16 on January 26, 2010, Andrew Douglas said…
Thankyou for the info. But unfortunately I was stonewalled earlier today. It is evident now that my information was incorrect and this Edward Douglas is indeed not the Edward Douglas I was looking for.
The search continues and so too does the stonewalling. I'm trying in order to find something.. anything on Edward or his father James and I'm drawing a blank. With the info I got (which has proven to be unreliable enough) it certainly looks to be a long road ahead.
At 11:53 on January 25, 2010, Andrew Douglas said…
Hi William.
The picture is taken at my home town called 'Nambucca Heads', which is on the NSW Mid North Coast.
Yep, I have been a busy boy here. So far I've only got information passed down from my mother which has unfortunately proven to be very unreliable in its accuracy and left with LOTS of gaps - particularly pre settlement in Australia.
But so far so good. I'm getting some remarkable information and the whole experience has been thrilling. :)
At 0:27 on January 14, 2010, Cynthia L. Douglass said…
Thank you William. If you come across any info please let me know.
At 21:18 on December 17, 2009, roy douglas said…
hi william,
elbert carlysle douglass born:7 june 1850-lovelton,pa.
died:12 july 1937- seattle,washington.
eureka,montana roy douglas
At 3:06 on November 21, 2009, Ken Douglas said…
And my goodness but you look like my dad. There has to be som connection or an incredible coincidence.
At 3:06 on November 21, 2009, Ken Douglas said…
John Donald Douglas was born Feb.9, 1850 at Hanover Park, Peckham. His father was a steward to the Royal Scottish Society (I believe that is more commonly known as the Royal Scottish Corporation, a charity in London). He married Martha Margaret Williams (b. sep 2/1850) on december 12, 1869 at St. Lukes Parish, Holburn.
At 13:27 on October 29, 2009, Ruil C Douglas said…
Thanks for the note ,Will post all I gather on our John By the way my kit # is 142606 !@
At 0:15 on October 12, 2009, Mark Thaddeus Douglas said…
I don't know if your website includes information on the Douglas line I descend through. I don't really know how to check that other than by poking around the site - and I will. Though at this point it would be speculation as to whether any Douglas' in your Archives were kin to mine. It will be a big day when I can establish connections between the Douglas' of early 19th century in Quebec and wherever they came from before that.
At 11:14 on October 9, 2009, Claudine Douglas said…
Hi again William, it appears, after further reading, that you know a hell of a lot more about my ancestors than I do! In hindsight my previous post will be of no use to you at all. But never nice to make contact! :-) Regards, Claudine.
At 10:56 on October 9, 2009, Claudine Douglas said…
Hi William, many thanks for your message. I have the Douglas-Willan connection in my family tree. As you will already know John Kearsley Douglas married Isabella Maria Willan and they then changed their name to Douglas-Willan. They were my 4xGreat grandparents. I have very limited information going back another 4 generations prior to that....the father of John Kearsley Douglas, being Robert Douglas (Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery in 1779, Colonel Commandant of the R.A and a Lieutenant General in the Army, died 1827. I have a copy of his Will dated 14 November 1826) and HIS father also being Robert Douglas (Major of Marines). (I have an abstract of his will dated 1780). HIS father was James Douglas (died young in Abermarle's Regiment at Gibralter) and HIS father was John Douglas (a Colonel in the Army).

I'm not sure any of this is of any interest to you but just thought I would pass it on.

I only arrived back from Scotland yesterday. I was staying in Falkirk for 3 weeks. Where do you live in Scotland? And where do you 'fit in' with the Douglas/Willan connection?

Again, many thanks for the message. Hope to hear from you.
Claudine Douglas.
At 14:35 on September 29, 2009, Dorothey L Sherman said…
Thank you William for providing all of us with a means to work together to knock down the brick walls.
At 21:32 on September 23, 2009, wilfried dierick said…
William, I am increasingly admiring your site. Today I read the moving and interesting story about the "Paupers' Cemetry". Who could have thought that that murder in Delhi in 1857 would bring me here and would learn me so much...

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Maybe it is time to update the information in your profile?

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