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At 6:12 on March 2, 2019, Ann Douglas-Heflin said…

I am not sure how to reply.  William Douglas, yes, I believe we have touched base before.   I have a typed out "history" written by my Aunt Lucille Douglas.  It's a bit romanticized.  I have some pictures of ancestors.   My Father Angus Dearborn Douglas was born in...…….Dearborn Michigan.    Due to an unfortunate tendency to have female children, I am the last of this Line.   It's too bad, I can trace back to 1638.   If there is a way to maneuver on here I would love to scan and post my pictures and stories.   It may be of interest to Douglases in Massachusetts, Ohio and Michigan.  


At 0:50 on February 27, 2019, Christopher Douglas Kearney said…

Hi, William,

Below are the detals I have on 'my james' :-)

My G Grandfather was James Douglas (b1832-?). I think he was a carpenter. His first wife was Elisabeth MacDonald(b1830 - d1870); & they had 7 children ; Jane b1855; Margaret b1857; John b1860; James b1861-d1922;Alexander b1862; Sophia b1864; Robert b1867 . His second wife, my G Grandmother was Christina Fletcher (1843 -?). They had 3 children Janearina b1878, Justin b1881 & Edward Simpson b1885-d1956, my grandfather. He married my grandmother Helen Cameron & he was a professional golfer who migrated to New Zealand where he raised his family, 2 daughters Marie & Dorothy (my mother)

At 0:50 on February 25, 2019, Sherry Duty said…

Thank you,  William.

I will join the Deacon William Douglas group William 1610 group.

As I know very little about the Deacon William and his family, I am very eager to learn more.  I am searching for his grandaughter Elizabeth Douglas who married Stephen Dewolfe, and then married Henry Rowland. I have found a chart that she died 1705 not possible as the same notation stated her Dewolfe children born 1706 and 1708, also another that she died 1747.  I am at presently reading the histories of the villages of colonical Connecticut for any reference to the families.

Thanks so much for the invite! Sherry Duty

At 22:38 on January 28, 2019, Amy Douglas said…

Hi William-

Thank you so much for the invite and the chance to comment back and to start seeing where my ancestors go back to . Edgar Henry Douglas was born in Feb 1867 to Andrew Douglas and Adelia Breemean. Andrew Douglas was born in 25 Sept 1838 in Girvan, Ayrshire Scotland  to James Douglas and Catherine Logan. James Douglas was born in 1806 in Girvan, Scotland.  Catherine Logan was born in 1816 in County Iyr, Ireland. This is as far back as I have gotten. Perhaps others here might be able to help me trace further.  Thanks so much! Amy

At 21:21 on January 28, 2019, Martha Todd Drysdale said…

Hi William, I have requested to join the group you gave me the link to, on the list of questions that are asked before you are accepted is the question what do you call a ' father's father? I have no idea how to answer this. I said Grandad, but I got it wrong? I really don't understand the question. It is really vague.

At 11:18 on January 25, 2019, Donald Robert Douglas said…

Yes, they certainly did have adventurous lives! I guess it was true for lots of people back then, not only in the "Wild West" but around the world generally.

At 15:12 on January 14, 2019, William E Dolezal said…

William - One more clarification.  I went back to look at the Georgia Douglases web page.  I see they have a Joseph Douglas, son of Marshall.  We knew him as "Joab", so this is indeed the same person.  My wife's family is from this branch of the family (Joab's son Bart).

At 6:38 on January 14, 2019, William E Dolezal said…

William - a clarification to my earlier note.  George Washington Douglas's father, John, is the John Douglas (13) cited in the Georgia Douglases project.  The nearly identical DNA sequence readout for my wife's brother to George's sequence would serve as strong confirmation that John Douglas (13) and Joseph Douglas (1), both born in NC and migrated to GA, were most likely brothers, along with William Douglas (8).  I hope others will see this note and contribute.  Again, thanks for your help in all of this.

At 6:13 on January 14, 2019, William E Dolezal said…

William - thank you for the note.  We are familiar with the Georgia Douglases project.  The Joseph Douglas (1) listed is my wife's 3rd GrGrandfather.  Currently believe Joseph Douglas (1) was brother to John & William.  Have not found any proof yet of Joseph (1) having son named Joseph Douglas (2) as cited in Georgia Douglases project.  No reference to Joseph (2) or heirs in Joseph (1) last will.  My wife's brother's DNA analysis (Y-DNA37) show a R1a1a Group ID (Drumlanrig-Queensberry line), with an extremely close match to that of another Joseph Douglas  b. 4 Apr1773 in Chester Co., SC /  d. 16 Jun1845 in Meriwether Co., GA.  George Washington Douglas (1790-1852) [John's son] was b. in NC and d. in Copiah, MS. is almost an identical match too.  FYI -  Joseph (1) did have an older unknown dau. who married John C. Hill (d. 1835) and had two children Miranda Ann Hill [Cribbs] & John Cummings Hill Jr. (1836-1868).  She died prior to Joseph (1) death in 1843.  Some believe John & Joseph (1), father was David Douglas (c1740-1822) who was the son of Wm. (1715-1773 ) & Mary Douglas(s).  We are getting closer in our search thanks to the DNA analysis and leads from your Douglas Archives.  Thanks for the help!

At 19:19 on December 25, 2018, John Band said…

Sorry, Spella House is in the southwest corner of the crossroads. JB

At 18:24 on December 25, 2018, John Band said…

Yes, about 1 mile along the Banbury  Road in a northwest direction from the crossroads at the church in Lower Beddington. It is at the crossroads in the southeast corner.

Thanks for the welcome!

At 22:35 on November 2, 2018, Alexandra Douglas said…
Thanks for your welcome. Am researching Andrew Douglas (s) from Ferryden who married Isabella Watson, and the line back from their. After Andrew, his son John Watson Douglas became a Master mariner and died on board the “Linda” on 9th August 1878 of African fever, his son Henry John was then put in to an orphanage inLiverpool by his mother Clarissa. He too went to sea and eventually ended up in Surrey, marrying Mary Willis (McVeigh) and had my great grandfather Horace.
My tree so far is available on ancestry on public view.
At 10:38 on October 17, 2018, Derrick Johnstone said…

Thank you William for your signpost to Gilbert Douglas in Glenrassie. He could be the uncle of my William Douglas who was born in Penninghame in 1679. It's good to know of others interested in Penninghame and Minnigaff parishes and especially about Bob Henry. Thank you too for all the work you and others have put into the Douglas Archives - this has been a great launchpad for me in trying to make sense of my many Douglas DNA matches. It is the best site of its kind that I have come across.

Looking across my matches on Ancestry and those of a couple of Johnstone cousins, we have upwards of 60 or 70 Douglas in groups relating to a number of Douglas lines. The largest group of matches is formed by descendants of Gilbert Douglas through William Douglas in Barsalloch and Grishil McKeand - with the added complication that we also have matches with the descendants of their contemporary family in Midlothian of William Douglas in Dalhousie and Janet Witherspoon

The next largest group relates to William Douglas (1610-1682) who lived in New London, Connecticut - which just goes to show how robust these Douglas genes are!

Matches with a descendant of Isabella Douglas (1723-1795, married Benjamin Fortner) that piqued my interest to look further into Douglas connections, as did Mary Douglas (1693-1726, married William Crawford). There are more, such as descendants of Domini Douglas (1732-1807) in Vermont, Clara and Clementina Douglas of Dornock, and several Drumlanrig and Kelhead Douglas matches which I need to explore further.

I need to pull together some questions to pursue specific lines. Again, thank you William.

At 23:40 on October 11, 2018, Susan Douglas said…
Thank you for your information. I have heard that thread. The only proof I have is that my 4th great grandfather John Douglas, Sr. ( Birth 18 MAR 1764 • Surry County, North Carolina, USA Death 1 JUN 1842 • Washington, Tennessee, USA) father was Alexander Douglass and his father was Alexander Douglass. I would like to link them with proof, to either England or Scotland or both. Thanks for replying, so sorry I took so long to reply
At 21:33 on September 25, 2018, Nancy Douglas said…

Below is the transcript of William Douglas's will (to the best of my ability - I highlighted the names mentioned for easy identification):


In the Name of God Amen. I William Douglass of Rowan County in the Provence of North Carolina being sick in body but thanks be to God being in perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and Testament. First I commit my soul to God who gave it me. And my body I recommend to the dust to be buried at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the last day it shall be raised again. And as touching my worldly affairs I leave and bequeath unto my lawfull and beloved wife Mary her livelihood? [illegible] the plantation and in the house I now live in during her natural life and my movable estate I allow? to be sold according to law which I leave to her except ten pounds which I leave to my daughter Elizabeth. Then I leave and bequeath unto my beloved sons David and Solomon the plantation I now live on to be divided equally between them, they paying and equal part of all expenses accruing on said land when the office will or may be opened. I also allow my son Solomon the end I now live on. I leave and bequeath unto my grandson John one year old horse colt [illegible] of my grey mare, and unto my grandson William I leave and bequeath one spring colt Sorrel’s? having a white mane and tail, and unto my grand-daughter Mary Traverse I leave a two year old heifer coulered red and white. Lastly I leave and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary all the money now due to my estate after all my lawfull debts is paid. Last of all I constitute and appoint my wife and my son Solomon to be the executors of this my last will and testament hereby disin?ling and making void all former wills and testaments as witnessed my hand and seal this 2 day of Sept. 1773 William x [his mark] Douglas [witnessed by] William Young, James Thomas?, John Oliphant"

At 20:37 on September 25, 2018, Nancy Douglas said…

I don't have a transcript that was officially done, but I can try to transcribe it if necessary.

At 13:58 on September 25, 2018, Nancy Douglas said…

I tried to attach William Douglas’s will....I don’t think it worked. I am trying again.

William Douglas’s Will 1773 Rowan County NC

At 13:51 on September 25, 2018, Nancy Douglas said…

William Douglas’ Will 1773

Hello William!

Thank you for your reply!

One thing I have discovered with relatively high confidence, based on the 1773 will of William Douglas of Rowan County, NC, is that David Douglas was John Douglas’s uncle instead of his grandfather as stated on the John Douglas of Mississippi page.

The other possibility I am considering is that John was not orphaned...just because there are no records to verify it. I’m not sure where the family story originated that he was orphaned. Work is ongoing in that area.

I am trying to figure out who John’s parents were and why they may have died, and then try to trace his grandfather William back to Ireland or Scotland.

I am also trying to figure out who John Douglas was married to before Nancy Denman Walden.

Will update if I find anything else out!

At 22:11 on June 20, 2018, Jenna Gray said…

Thanks William - your website is a wonderful and exciting find!

At 1:32 on June 20, 2018, Linda Ann Goblirsch said…

I also forgot to send you a picture of the Alexander Douglas’s where one of them must be my Alexander Douglas parents.  I already excluded Cathrine McKenzie and Alexander Douglas as parents.  I looked in the Douglas Archive and the Alexander McKenzie/Douglas dates and children don’t line up, so I excluded them. One of the others must be the parents of my Great Great Great Grandfather Alexander Douglas. How do I confirm which one of these line up with my other clues?  Is there a site or a phone number I could call in Scotland to find out?


Making conections

The more information you can give about the people you mention, the more chance there is of someone else connecting with your family.

Dates and places of births, deaths and marriages all help to place families.

Professions also help.

'My great-grandmother mother was a Douglas from Montrose' does not give many clues to follow up! But a bit of flesh on the bones makes further research possible. But if we are told who she married, what his profession was and where the children were baptised, then we can get to work.

Maybe it is time to update the information in your profile?

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