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At 16:18 on July 1, 2016, Sharon Polwart said…

Hi William

thankyou for the information. It seems the headstones in Hounam are of some of my direct ancestors. The George Douglas 1727 - 1794 and Agnes Robson 1733 - 1795 are my Great grandparents x 6.

I am coming up to Edinburgh on Thursday 7th July for 4 days so I don't know if I would be able to meet some current Douglas's and I will try to get out to Hounam.

I would appreciate any more information you can give me.



At 22:49 on June 30, 2016, stevan scott douglas said…

Thank you, William!  I'll try the forum first and see if that will work.  My sister and I plan to visit Scotland next September and would like to see some "Douglas castles" and any other pertinent sites.  If you could recommend some?  Thanks again!

At 1:13 on June 29, 2016, stevan scott douglas said…

Thank you, William.  I don't use Facebook or Twitter or any other social media, so I don't really know how or where to add this information.  Can you give me suggestions? I have a family history, though I don't know how accurate it is, that I could post somewhere.

At 22:09 on June 21, 2016, Judy A Douglass said…

yes, this is the Samuel H Douglass born 1726 and I have in Albemarie Co. Virginia. He died 1755 in Chilhowee, Johnson Co., MO. I don't have any other information other than he married Mary ?Denison?/maybe Davis 2 Nov 1749 in New London, Campbell Co., Virginia. From this point on, I am confused as to his father and so on. I originally had Archibald, born 1695 in Scotland, but another shows a Capt. Richard Douglass, b. 1682 and died 26 Nov 1756 in Lancaster, PA. I sure would like to get to Scotland and confirm my Douglass lineage. Thank you Judy 

At 16:46 on June 17, 2016, James Izatt said…


Just picking up on some more information on the Cockpen people re the information in the stub.

It does appear to be the case that there were two William Douglasses alive, married and having children at the same time. One partnership was with Grissell Mckeand in Penninghame and the other with Janet Witherspoon in Cockpen/Newbattle. It would be remarkable if he could have managed  both - based on the dates!  - details as per the spreadsheet. I am not sure if this still means that the Cockpen William was born in or is connected to Penninghame.


At 18:46 on May 18, 2016, Laura Douglas said…
Thank you William for the Lithunia info..looking forward to seeing the film.(: Laura
At 12:47 on May 16, 2016, Laura Douglas said…
Hello and thank you William for the info from Wilks-Barre PA. I have been searching for so long trying to find information on my grandparents (John Douglas,Rose Hallick Douglas) and father. (George Anthony Douglas)Father was born in Wilks-Barre, Pa on Aug.12,1903 and died in Erie, Pa on Oct. 16, 1949 when I was only two. He had an older brother John born in 1901 also. My Mother never met his parents. He told her his Dad had passed from black lung. They were married in Erie in 1939. Brother John moved to New York City and married Ann and had two daughters. I found my parents marriage app. and it said both of my grandparents were born in Lithunia?? I am frustrated because I seem to be hitting a brick wall with no info that I can trace..I would be so grateful for any hints on where to look next.. Gratefully, Laura Douglas(:
At 3:27 on May 3, 2016, Jenny Biehl said…
Hi William,
Thank you. I'm searching for any details on my grandmother Dorothy Kathleen Douglas born 1900 died 1984. Married to Maurice Ian Keir Scott and lived in New Zealand. Dorothy's father Donald Avery Douglas.
At 17:27 on April 29, 2016, James Izatt said…



Just back after the trip. I double checlked and the date of that marriage with a

Ker is 1692. The fact that all this was happening in Newbattle/Cockpen does gel with other bits of family history - geographically that is in that stretch of territory in an arc south of Edinburgh.  It may be that it proves impossible to find out more about John D but some other bit of evidence may be out there.

At 22:17 on April 27, 2016, Robert John Douglas said…

Thankyou William,

The F.A D. -April 1974 etc. Fairly sure he is not our branch.

The Frederick Austin and Elizabeth Ann nee Blake are my husbands (Robert John) parents.

They had four sons all born St Helens, Lancashire (Registered in Preston)

Francis Joseph D b28/10/38 d in NZ 21/4/2008; (my husband) Robert John, b 7/11/40; Austin Frederick D b 11/4/43-d in Kelowna BC 27/2/2008;John Christopher b 21/6/50-d in NZ 21/9/1997

That is my husbands (Robert John) father - Fred on the Banjo. (Probably posted by Anne Sherriff, a 2nd cousin,I think) We are looking for Freds older brother, Robert Francis Douglas

At 10:44 on April 25, 2016, James Izatt said…


Thanks. No probs I am up north towards Pitlochry for the next few days and I will pick up when I return.

It does strike me that what is known is that there were two or three Douglas families in Cockpen/Newbattle at the time. It is certain that a William D did marry a Witherspoon and if his DOB and marriage is correct I can see where that gels with the backstory.  That however does not explain the Penninghame angle, if there is one. It may be as simple as two Williams and two marriages getting conflated. 

Also it does not necessarily shed any light on the  John Duglass who, I suspect may be my direct ancestor. The birth dates of Johns and Williams first children are circa 25 years apart so we are probably dealing with an earlier generation and there may be no actual connection to William D/Witherspoon.

You will probably know this already but it would be good to know when Cockpen records started as a separate parish. Given the history with the Kers I suspect that Newbattle is older and in fact there is a marriage between James of Queensberry and Mary Kerr in 1692 - again probably down to the Ker base at Newbattle 

I have updated the spreadsheet to include the other births.Ancestry%20Douglas.xlsx


At 20:52 on April 24, 2016, James Izatt said…


Just had a look at the update on the stub re Cockpen Douglas I would think that the key thing is sorting out the suggested relationship between William Douglas  Awith Grishild McK.

What is known is that a William Duglass and Janet Witherspoon  DID have six children between 1694 and 1706 (all Cockpen) and on that basis a birth date of 1668 and a marriage of 1694 does not seen unreasonable.

Clearly that could not reconcile with a Marriage to GMCK in Penninghame in 1693 with children being born from 1693 onwards.

The only provisional conclusion that I can draw is that there are two marriages there and that the GMK one is a bit of a red herring  

At 20:02 on April 21, 2016, James Izatt said…


I think I may have now managed to attach a file of the Douglas birth data for Cockpen and Newbattle from 1650. An potentially interesting point is that prior to that date there are no Douglas births so either the records are not held at SRO or there were none to record. The fact that William married to a Witherspoon was born in Dumfries may indicate that the Douglas connection is after 1650 in that locality   

At 21:36 on April 19, 2016, James Izatt said…

Following up some SRO enquiries re the Douglasses of Cockpen I was wondering if anyone had any more information regarding a Jonet Douglas born 1681 to John Douglas and Isobel Hardie. I think that this is the same Janet who married a Cochrane in 1707 (in Newbattle) but that is yet to be confirmed. The Doulas Hardie marriage had 9 children at around the same time as the Douglas/Witherspoon marriage mentioned previously.

It would also be useful of anyone had more info re this John Douglas - albeit there are quite a number.



At 15:54 on April 19, 2016, Kathleen Marie Thurman said…

Yes that is the same man, he did have a son William Eagles. Do you have a genealogy that includes Frank Johnson Douglas?


At 23:07 on April 15, 2016, James Williams said…

Hi William, thanks so much for this but I really am interested in finding DOUGLAS in Ireland - Edenburt especially.  My Great Grandmother was an immigrant to Whitehaven from Edenburt, Lurgan, Co. Cavan. Her Brother John must have come with her because he turned up in Liverpool, Lancashire whilst she married Thomas BENNET in St Bees, Cumberland in 1835.  I found a Thomas BENNET in Edenburt too - he came up on the census at Whitehaven but born in Ireland.  She was kind enough to visit her brother on census night - otherwise I might never have found her.

At 1:04 on March 16, 2016, Terry Lynn Newman said…

Yes William, that is my ancestor. I am very excited about this!  The information I have includes almost exactly what you sent to me.  I will send you the information I have; what I have deciphered so far.  The original is handwritten and I have a copy of the original and it has taken me awhile to figure out all that it says.  By the way, my brother's name is William Douglas Newman.  :)

At 19:07 on March 6, 2016, Nancy Withers Yanagidate said…

Thanks, William. Will check this out.

At 9:27 on February 15, 2016, Sarah Threapleton said…

By coincidence, I found this auction information also yesterday. Sad to see. I don't know who sold them but will make some enquiries; thanks.

Regarding Ronald: as he died in the USA its proving tricky to get information about his death/family out there. Maybe someone on here - his daughter June or her family? - will one day make contact :)

At 9:22 on February 15, 2016, Sarah Threapleton said…

Thanks. The info on George's mother is new to me so adds another piece to the jigsaw. I'll check it out further.

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