The Douglas Archives

A collection of historical and genalogical records

The Douglas Archives Community Network has been established to allow those researching their Douglas history and families an opportunity to network with each other.  The advantages of this will be well known to some, and to others a novel experience.

One of the popular networks already up and running is the Douglas dna project, where around 120 men* have submitted their dna samples for testing, with the results being shared with the group.

Here, we hope that other discoveries will be shared - birth, death and marriage certificates, for example.  Perhaps brick walls will have ben broken down by another researcher, perhaps family lore will be dis-proved, or, better still, proven!

Please feel free to experiment - join the community network and set up your own page, post in the Forum or Blog; add photographs or contribute to one of the groups; network with 'friends' and members.

Have fun!

* nothing sexist about this! The dna has to pass down the male side of the family!

Last updated by William Douglas Jun 22, 2009.

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