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The Douglas family in Norfolk

I have been asked to help trace the Douglas family in Norfolk, East Anglia, particularly the name variants Dagles, Dagley, Daglis, Daglos, Duglasse.  As I have recently been working on the Palestinian variant Daghlas, this looked to be an interesting project.

And it is interesting and frustrating!

I have found a 15th century Richard Duglas, both Junior and…


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Little boys should neither be seen nor heard?

One wonders why the boy in this family group should have been given so little space if he was wanted in the photograph!

The carte de viste was taken by Robert Douglas, Landscape & Portrait Photographer, The Vineyard, Top Whytes Causeway, Kirkcaldy, probably in the…


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Is the Daghlas family part of the extended Douglas family?

I have been asked by a Palestinian living in Jordan for help in identifying her ancestors. Her surname is Daghlas. The main centre of those with this name seem to be around Nablus - a troubled part of the world.

The name is also spelled Daghles; some appear to use both.

It seems likely that the name originated around the time of the British civil administration in…


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The Good Sir James sails for Jerusalem

At this time died King Robert of Scotland, at a good old age. When he saw his end approaching, he summoned together all the chiefs and barons in whom he most confided, and, fter having told them that he should never get the better of this sickness, commanded them, upon their honour and loyalty, to keep and preserve faithfully and entire the kingdom for his son David, and to obey him ; also to crown him king when he was of a…

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Who is - or was - Scott Douglas?

Two questions focus the minds of those who follow the fortunes of kilt-wearing Shoreditch hipsters. One, of course, is: 'What, if anything, do they wear underneath them?' The other, far more fascinating, is: 'Just who is Scott Douglas?'

Until 2010, the flamboyantly Caledonian Casanova was Tracey Emin's…


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Arctic Convoys memorial

Visiting the Arctic Convoys memorial, in Wester Ross, I was reminded of the terrible conditions endured by both those in the protection warships, and those in the unarmed merchant ships carrying essential supplies to Russia.

About 1400 merchant ships delivered essential supplies to the Soviet Union under the…


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James Douglas and Jean Farquhar

I would really appreciate any information on these two that any one has. They had a son, Hugh Douglas, 1713. I think their dates might be about 1688. If I can link these up to earlier Douglas' I can complete that branch of my family.



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Walter Sholto Douglas married Isabella Robinson - apparently

I was researching the author, W. Sholto Douglas (Cromwell's Scotch Campaigns 1650-51, et al) when I stumbled across the remarkable story of Walter Sholto Douglas.

My first discovery was that there was a marriage between Walter Sholto Douglas and Isabella Robinson, who married secondly Rev. William Falconer.  Was this my historical author?

Well, maybe not, although she (wait for it) was a writer.

Mary Diana Dods (1790–1830) was a Scottish writer of books, short…


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History of the House of Douglas

Oxfam, the international confederation of charitable organizations focused on the alleviation of global poverty, runs bookshops in the UK to raise funds for the charity.

They have on sale, via ebay, a copy of A history of the house of Douglas from the earliest times down to the legislative union of England and Scotland by Sir Herbert Eustace Maxwell. This 1903 two volume publication has…


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Marius, progenitor of the Douglas Scotti family

Painting by Giuseppe Antonio Caccioli (1672 - 1740) representing Mario Scoto and Pope Leo III

In the spring of 774, during his subjugation of Italy,  king Charlemagne and Pope Adrian I decided to meet. With a small escort, amongst whom Mario Scoto was present, Charlemagne…


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Douglas portrait for sale

COLONEL WALTER DOUGLAS (1670-1739) was a direct descendent of a branch of the Scottish Douglases, an ancient clan of noblemen that historian G. Harvey Johnston has called “a great and warlike family,” that “remained loyal to the crown.” From 1711-1715 Colonel Douglas served as Captain-General and Governor-General of the British-ruled Leeward Islands, an island chain located in the West Indies.…


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Racing silks of the American Blythswood Farm's stables

Not a newly discovered Black Douglas jacket, but the racing silks of the American Blythswood Farm's stables, owned by a family of Douglas descent.…


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Edward Douglas, Jr., cont.

For some reason the previous blog cut me short.

Find Martha Willett in 17.0 The full letter is displayed with much pertinent information. However, one thing is not displayed and that is the return address for Elizabeth Willett. At the time and even today the return address is displayed in a letter. In fact this letter requires an address as Elizabeth is in correspondence with the judge. I suggest that you, James David Douglas, call the Northampton County Court and ask to speak to…


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Edward Douglas, Jr. and his sister Elizabeth Willett

This blog is material in the search by James David Douglas who descends from Edward Douglas who was born in 1719 in England. As I have mentioned after the death of John Willett, husband of Elizabeth Wllett,, Elizabeth had an Inventory Sale in 1679. Among the items sold was furniture and silver. The money derived from this sale probably paid for the tickets for Edward Douglas, Jr. and his sister, Elizabeth Willett. for their trip to England. There is mention in 1681 that Elizabeth had fled…


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Who is Lord Douglas?

When the title 'Lord' Douglas' appears in an article in the Douglas Archives, for example in an extract from an old document, it may refer to any one of the following titles:

Marquess of Douglas, created 1633 in the Peerage of Scotland, now a subsidiary title of the Duke of Hamilton

Earl of Douglas, created 1356/7 in the Peerage of Scotland, forfeit in 1455

Lord Douglas, created 1475/6 in the Peerage of Scotland, a subsidiary title held by Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of…


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The Household and Court of James VI of Scotland

A fascinating publication,  "The Household and Court of James VI of Scotland 1567-1603" by Amy L. Juhala who prepared it for her PhD at Edinburgh University, reveals Douglases who were members of the Royal Household.

Alexander Douglas was a "Macer, ordinary" in the Court of James VI.

There is also a George Douglas of Rungallie and a George Douglas, younger of…


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Photo album for sale - in Italy

I posted three images taken from a photograph album this evening (24 FEB 2017) which have been copied from an album which is being put up for sale.

The albumof photos from 1860-70 that can be of interest in illustrating relationships among the Douglas Hamilton and Pelham Clinton families, starting from Archibald XI Duke of Hamilton and his wife Amelie of Baden.

Henrietta Adela Hope Henrietta Adela Hope Henrietta Adela Hope

Right - Willian, 11th Duke of Hamilton with his daughter, LadyAnne…


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Mary Stahlman Douglas bible

Douglas%2C%20Mary%20Stahlman%201.pdf      I seen this just thought I would put it up . 

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The ultimare sacrifice - The Douglas Brothers

Andrew Douglas has just posed an excellent article on the sacrifice of one Australian family in World War 1.

George and Mary Douglas lived in Sydney, and they had four boys; Gordon, Allan, George and Angus and possibly three daughters; Georgina, Elsie and Gladys. 

Andrew's first article tells the stoy of Allan.  …


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John Willett

28 July 1680 Administrator Elizabeth Willett, widow of the deceased Apprs. Thomas Hunt, Provost Nelson, William Gelding,Sr., Samuel Bennett, Secs. Hancock Lee, Daniel Neech/ I have already mentioned the inventory sale. Mary Willett relinquished administration of the estate and fled the 184. Principal creditor Captain Nathaniel Walker. I presume that Edward Douglas, Jr. joined her in the escape. It is remarkable that the two children, William and Martha Willett were left behind…


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Dates and places of births, deaths and marriages all help to place families.

Professions also help.

'My great-grandmother mother was a Douglas from Montrose' does not give many clues to follow up! But a bit of flesh on the bones makes further research possible. But if we are told who she married, what his profession was and where the children were baptised, then we can get to work.

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