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Photo album for sale - in Italy

I posted three images taken from a photograph album this evening (24 FEB 2017) which have been copied from an album which is being put up for sale.

The albumof photos from 1860-70 that can be of interest in illustrating relationships among the Douglas Hamilton and Pelham Clinton families, starting from Archibald XI Duke of Hamilton and his wife Amelie of Baden.

Henrietta Adela Hope Henrietta Adela Hope Henrietta Adela Hope

Right - Willian, 11th Duke of Hamilton with his daughter, LadyAnne…


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Mary Stahlman Douglas bible

Douglas%2C%20Mary%20Stahlman%201.pdf      I seen this just thought I would put it up . 

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The ultimare sacrifice - The Douglas Brothers

Andrew Douglas has just posed an excellent article on the sacrifice of one Australian family in World War 1.

George and Mary Douglas lived in Sydney, and they had four boys; Gordon, Allan, George and Angus and possibly three daughters; Georgina, Elsie and Gladys. 

Andrew's first article tells the stoy of Allan.  …


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John Willett

28 July 1680 Administrator Elizabeth Willett, widow of the deceased Apprs. Thomas Hunt, Provost Nelson, William Gelding,Sr., Samuel Bennett, Secs. Hancock Lee, Daniel Neech/ I have already mentioned the inventory sale. Mary Willett relinquished administration of the estate and fled the 184. Principal creditor Captain Nathaniel Walker. I presume that Edward Douglas, Jr. joined her in the escape. It is remarkable that the two children, William and Martha Willett were left behind…


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DOUGLAS. Isabel Bridget - born 05.09.1922 . Special Operations Executive: Personnel Files (PF

Series). Collection: Records of Special Operations Executive. Date range: 01 January 1939 - 31

December 1946. Reference: HS 9/445. Subjects: Intelligence.

DOUGLAS. James Barrington - born 02.08.1914 . Special Operations Executive: Personnel Files (PF

Series). Collection: Records of Special Operations Executive. Date range: 01 January 1939 - 31

December 1946. Reference:…


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Elizabeth Willett-continued

In June of 1669 Elizabeth Douglas was not yet married. See will John Martyn, Merchant-16 June 1669-29 Dec 1669-this turned out to be an administration and John Willett qualified as administrator-Orders 10 1664-1674- Of London and bound for England on the ship Providence of London, ready to sail-in regard of the love and affection I bear for Miss Elizabeth Douglas daughter-in-law to Rev Thomas Teackle and with regard of Mary Douglas now at sea all my land in Virginia now in the hands of Rev…


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Family of Douglas

I shall continue with the children of Lt Edward Douglas and Isabell Gaynor.

Sarah Douglas was born in 1646 and married Edward Littleton at the age of twelve in the year 1658 in Northampton County. This date is provided by the 'famous brief' of Colonel Edmund Scarburgh in the Gething case.28 Jan 1662. Scarburgh states " Consider what I have said and take the consequences with you, and wherein I appeal to physicians, knowing men and motherly women whether this early match with a child…


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Edward Douglas, Jr.

Edward Douglas, Jr. was born about 1643, When he was eighteen he received a patent for the full 3700 acres that had been granted to his father. This was in the year1661.This tells me that if Edward Douglas, Jr., were to die he would leave either a will or there would be an administration of his estate. It is evident that Edward remained with his sisters as well as his father-in-law until 1680 when we have evidence that Elizabeth widow of John Willett, left Northampton Co and took a ship back…


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Lt Col Edward Douglas

Isabella Gaynor, wife of Lt Col Edward Douglas, was born about 1605 in England and married Col Douglas about 1643 or 1644 in England. It is possible that both had previous marriages. Isabella married again after the demise of Lt Colonel Edward Douglas she married Rev. Thomas Teackle in Northampton County. This marriage occurred about 1659. There were no children by this marriage. Isabella Teackle died about 1675 in Northampton County. Rev Thomas Teackle, then married Margaret Nelson…


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Douglas of Norfolk England

I have some leads on the Douglas family of Norfolk. Much of it has not been substantiated but I feel we are on the right track. I shall present this and then return to our Lt Col Edward Douglas.

Edward Douglas born 1658, Norwich, Norfolk, England, died 1644, married in 1590. His wife was born in 1570. Then, I have Elizabeth Douglas, born about 1623. Last I have Henry Pendleton, son of George and Elizabeth, was born 12 August 1580, at Mancroft, Norwich Norfolk and died 15 July 1635 at…


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Lt Col Edward Douglas

As my revisions are extensive I have decided to make use of a new blog post rather than edit an existing post.

Sir Thomas Dale was born in Surry County, England. We know this because when he was knighted June 19th 1606 by King James 1 at Richmond he was giving Sir Thomas' place of birth. At an early age he and his family moved to Middlesex Co. It is possible that his brother, Richard, and his sister, Isabella, were born in Middlesex County.

We do not know the exact date of…


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Portrait for sale - Bishop John Douglas

John Douglas, the Bishop of Salisbury, was born on 14 July 1721. He was the son of a merchant in Pittenweem, Fife, and grandson of an Episcopalian clergyman in Saltoun, East Lothian. He was educated in Dunbar, East Lothian, until 1736 when he entered St. Mary's Hall, Oxford. In 1738 he was at Balliol, and 1740 he graduated with the degree of B.A. After a period abroad learning French, he was awarded the degree of M.A. in 1743. The following year, Douglas was ordained as a deacon and was…


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Douglas and Willett

To William Douglas-Great to hear from you and that you liked my post on John Willett.

I shall provide a picture of the families in terms of age, deaths, etc. Sarah Douglas, wife of Edward Littleton, died 1658. Sarah was born in 1646. Her sister, Elizabeth Douglas, wife of John Willett, was born about 1656. John Willett died in 1680. Elizabeth Willett fled to England in 1684. We know this because in that year Elizabeth Willett, in that year filed a deposition with Commissioner Hancocke…


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Edward Douglas, Jr.

I shall outline what I hope to accomplish over the next couple of weeks. I have the feeling that Lt. Colonel Edward Douglas' father was James Douglas. Thomas Goffigon, who married Leah Willett, named a son, James Goffigon. Also, I am able to prove that Edward Goffigon, Jr., survived and probably moved to Northumberland Co., Virginia, with Captain Hancocke Lee, when he returned to Northumberland Co. in 1584. I, then, found an Edward Goffigon in Tennessee, who named a son, James. This suggests…


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John Willett

Rather than edit an existing blog I feel what I have to say needs highlighting as I have considerable new information on John Willett, husband of Elizabeth Douglas, second child of Lt. Col. Edward Douglas and Isabella Dale. The eldest daughter of Edward Douglas and Isabella Dale was Sarah Littleton who died in 1658 at the age of twelve. Sarah was born in 1646, Elizabeth was born about 1646. We may presume that John Willett was born about 1644. John Willett died in 1680 and his widow,…


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Clan Douglas Society of Australia

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the Clan Douglas Society of Australia is now formally open.

Attendees to the first general meeting are pictured left to right Mrs Anne Bruest, Mrs Janine Warren and Andrew Douglas.…


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Battle of Solway Moss

On this day in 1542, England captured about 1,200 Scottish prisoners with its victory in the Battle of Solway Moss. Amongst those taken prisoner was Sir James Douglas, 7th of Drumlanrig. ;

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George Brisbane Douglas portait for sale

A 19th century portrait miniature on porcelain, "Sir George Brisbane Douglas", is due to be sold at auction.

Sir George was…


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English or Scottish? By Birth or Blood?

Mary F Stafford/Horn and Robert Morton, my gradparent's. Robert was the some of George Morton and was the first Morton born in England in my line. George Morton was born in Dumfries-shire but his father had been born in Loudoun Ayrshire, as had many generations before. My research indicated he was descended from John Morton (1748) from Loudoun and Mary Sandylands (1751) there are several earlier John Mortons as well, but the Sandylands line is difficult to follow.

Through marriage…


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Douglas and Willet

This is a continuation of the last blog.

We have the exact birthdate of Douglas Willet. We know that Douglas and Isabel were married as early as 1635 or 1636 because they attended a wedding in Scotland in 1636. First daughter, Sarah Douglas, suffered a tragic death at the age of twelve. We have the year she died. Elizabeth Douglas, the second child, had to have been born about 1641. In his will Edward Douglas informs authorities that son, Edward Douglas, Jr., be 'of age' at eighteen.…


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