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Creating a group

Before creating a group, please make sure a similar group doesn't already exist. On the Douglas Archives hompage's main menu, place your mouse over "Groups" and then go down to "All Groups". Using the search box, insert the key words for the group you want to create and click on the magnifying glass. If you don't find a group that is a good match, then create your own. To add a new group, put your mouse over "Groups" on the main menu and then go down to "Add a group". Start by filling in the group information. You can upload an image for your group by clicking on the black camera icon next to the "Image" label. Next, you will choose the desired features, privacy, and messages. You may choose to set the privacy at "Moderated Membership" but you will not be able to change it later. When you are done, click on the "Add Group" button. The next screen provides you with a variety of ways to invite others to your group. You can choose any of the options, or click on the "Skip" button underneath the group description. You will then be able to view your newly created group.

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By keeping your profile current, with the latest information about yourself and your research, you are making others aware of your progress, and perhaps attracting others to contribute.

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