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Your Douglas Archives Community Network Help Desk is a place for our members to get help with site issues, for members to report concerns and the following:

- inappropriate pictures
- obscene/nude photos
- abusive behaviour
- disrespectful/slanderous/vulgar comments and/or behaviour
[members who abuse the site in the manners listed above will be banned without notice]

The Help Desk is also a reference tool to report problems that you are experiencing on this site. As soon as the issues are reported, our site's admin will do our best to look into those issues as soon as possible to get it resolved. This is a family oriented social networking site and we have a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate conduct.

The best way to learn is to experiment with your page. You will learn much faster if you play around with your page, but if you still have problems check out our frequently asked questions section below.

QUESTION: How do I keep email from going to my regular email address off of this Douglas Archives Community Network?

- Click on "My Settings"
- On the left side there are four options click on "Email"
- Un check anything that you do not want going to your external email box
- Click on "SAVE" at the bottom of the page

How do I stop receiving notifications to my personal email box?

- From your main profile page, look to the right of your screen and click on "settings".
- Once you click "settings", look to the left and click the "email" tab.
- Unclick whatever notifications you do not want to receive or click "None: I don't want
to receive emails from Douglas History Community Network "
- Then click "save" to retain your changes


- Go to the page of the group you joined
- To the right of the 'Information' box, click 'Stop Following'
- Do this for each of the groups you've joined

How do I change my username or email address?

- From your main profile page, click "settings" on the right side of the page
- Click on "change" for your email address or username
- Once you have changed your email, click "save" to retain your changes.

How do I upload a profile picture?

- From your profile page, go the right hand side of the page and click "settings"
- Look for "upload a photo" icon
- click on choose File
- select the picture that you want to upload
- click done

How do I load photo's or video's using my cell phone?

To send a photo or video from your cell phone to the site, you need to use the special email address Ning provides. To find your unique Douglas Archives Community Network email address, go to your My Settings page. It is only useful for uploading photo's and video's to your personal page on Douglas Archives Community Network. It is not for email communication outside of the site.

Each user has a different email address, which consists of part of their name and a random 3-digit number.

The process is pretty simple:

- Take a photo or video with your cell phone
- Send via MMS or email to the special email address you see listed above.
- The subject line on the email will be the title of the photo
- The message that you right inside the email will be the description
- After a few minutes, the photo or video will be located in “My Photos” or “My Video” and be visible on the user’s profile and on the network.

How do I add text, HTML, videos, photos, or any third-party widgets to my page?

- Click on “My Page”
- Scroll down to “Text Box”
- Click on “Add Text” and a text box will appear for you to edit, copy & paste or create text for your page, also add video, html, photo’s or widgets
- Click on “Third Party Widgets” if you need help with widgets
- Save your changes

How do I add music or a play list to my page or get help with my playlist?

- Go to or google search “music playlist”
- Create a free account
- Search for the music that you want on your page
- Load your music to the playlist
- Make sure to choose if you want the music to auto-play or not
- Once you are finished make sure to save it
- Get the code and copy it
- Login to your page on Douglas Archives Community Network and select where on your page you want to post your music playlist [it can go anyplace on your page that you can edit text]
- Paste the code in the section of your page that you want it to play
- Save your changes

How do I send a message to all of my friends at once?

- Go to your inbox
- Click compose
- Click on choose from friends
- Under the box that lists all your friends, click on "friends on this network"
- Type your message and hit send (all of your friends will get your message)

How do I add my personal music to my page?

- You must create an account on a 3rd party music file hosting site (see list below)
- Upload your music as per their instructions
- Once you've completed your download, you must copy and paste your MP3 URLs (example below) to a 3rd party music download site (see list below)
- SAVE your music list after all of your MP3 URLs have been copied and pasted
- Get the 'CODE' to embed your music player onto your Douglas Family Network profile
- Copy the code and go to your Douglas Archives Community Network profile page
- Click 'EDIT' in the section where you want to paste your music player
- Paste (right click on the mouse) your music player
- Click 'SAVE' or 'DONE'


* Example MP3 URL:

- (works well)
- (works well)
- OR, Google: free music player

How do I delete my profile should I decide to leave Douglas Archives Community Network?

- Go to your profile
- To the right-hand side of your page is your 'SETTINGS' option
- Click 'SETTINGS'
- Scroll to the bottom of the Profile Settings screen
- At the very end of the page on the left is the option to 'Leave Douglas Archives Community Network'
- Click 'Leave Douglas Archives Community Network '

How do I remove my picture from my profile?

The only way to delete your photo is by replacing it with a different photo.

How do I change my main profile image/picture?

- Underneath the current photo on your profile page, click 'Manage My Photo' (which takes you to your settings page)
- Center screen (just below your member name), scroll down to 'Profile Photo'
- Click the small icon to the right of the current photo
- Click 'Browse' and choose the photo that you would like to use
- Once selected, click 'Done'

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Making conections

The more information you can give about the people you mention, the more chance there is of someone else connecting with your family.

Dates and places of births, deaths and marriages all help to place families.

Professions also help.

'My great-grandmother mother was a Douglas from Montrose' does not give many clues to follow up! But a bit of flesh on the bones makes further research possible. But if we are told who she married, what his profession was and where the children were baptised, then we can get to work.

Maybe it is time to update the information in your profile?

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