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Mural of African American freedom fighter Frederick Douglass.

Not many followers will have passed along Lower Gilmore Place in Edinburgh recently, so won't have spotted a powerful new addition to the urban landscape: a striking mural of African American freedom fighter Frederick Douglass.

A close up of Frederick Douglass' bearded face on a mural

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Battle of Old Byland - memorial planned

The Battle of Old Byland was part of First War of Scottish Independence, fought on 14th October 1322 on Scawton Moor, Yorkshire, England.

The Battle of Old Byland (also known as the Battle of Byland Moor and Battle of Byland Abbey) was a significant encounter between Scots and English troops in Yorkshire in October 1322, forming part of the Wars of Scottish Independence. It was a victory for the Scots, the most significant since Bannockburn, though on a far smaller scale.

I am…


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Which Brigadier Douglas?

I am attempting to identify which officer this item refers to.

Can you help?

From the history of the 37th Regiment

In mid-April (1858) a column from the recently relieved Lucknow under Brigadier Lugard attacked the rebels in the rear at the Jaunpore bridge. Kunwar Singh fled southwards towards the Ganges, pursued by two columns of British troops, including one comprised of 37th soldiers under Brigadier Douglas. This came up with the enemy…


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The valiant Scottish Earl Douglas, also called 'Black Dudley', in a black cap with a little medal, profile - or is it?

In the early 16th century Charles II D'Amboise commissioned Bernardino de' Conti to do a portrait painting for him in 1505 AD. Although a friend and patron of Leonardo Da Vinci, D'Amboise picked de' Conti for his traditional style of oil painting.

Prominently inscribed on the top left the painting reads, "The Earl of Douglas surnamed Black Dudley"…


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Not the Front Stairs!

Not the Front Stairs!


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Line of ancestry from me to Archibald Douglas, 2nd Lord of Douglas

Martin Antony Joseph Crowly


Mrs Margret Helen Marie Crowly

your mother

Arthur Francis Braun

her father

Arthur Frederick Nicholas Braun

his father

Francis Caesar Braun

his father

Catharine Caroline (Lina) Blessig

his sister

Sophia Julia St George/Heyder

her daughter

Theodora Harrison

her daughter

Charles Anthony Harrison



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Douglas and his birth

On November 15, 2015 I gave the birth of Edward Douglas with an age of 40 in 1640 which was recorded in Northampton County, Virginia in "Orders, Wills, and Deeds"#1 page 218, 1612-1640, "age 40 in 1640". At the time I thought this was a reference to Edward Douglas, husband of Isabella Dale. I, now, realize this is a reference to the father of Edward Douglas, husband of Isabella. This Edward Douglas was married to Elizabeth Bowman, and, undoubtedly son of Edward Douglas, born 1560, husband of…


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Edward Douglas and Dumferline, Fife, Scotland

I have examined the Dunfermline of Fife, Scotland and come up with the following-

Edward Douglas, born 1560 married Jonet Sanders 23 August 1584. Their were two children- Margaret and Thomas. Thomas Douglas was born 8 Oct 1589. I suggest that there was another son, Edward Douglas, born 1590, who married Elizabeth Bowman. Why this Edward is not shown in the record I cannot say. I realize I am speculating but it seems we have two valid possibilities.

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Edward Douglas, Junior, and Senior

Looking back at the will of Edward Douglas of Northampton County, Virginia, we see a reference to Cousin Edmund Boman/Bowman of Accomack County, Virginia. I, now, realize that Edward Douglas' mother had to have the surname Boman and be a 1st cousin. This, also, meant there had to be an additional generation which makes Lt. Colonel Edward Douglas a Junior. This resolves our problems. Based on John Martyn's observation in 1669 Edward Douglas, Junior's wife was Elizabeth Bowman. The pieces now…


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lt Colonel Edward Douglas and his antecedents

Edward Douglas journeyed to Holland, probably. in the period 1610-1615. He did not join the Scottish Brigade as I have explored that possibility which revealed no connection. In 1610 it was estimated that there were 10,000 Scots living in Rotterdam alone. It was certainly a hub for global commerce and Edward Douglas was there caught up in commercial activity. He returned to Scotland around 1630. We, next take sight of Edward now married to Isabella Gaynor, daughter of Thomas Gaynor,…


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continuation of maternal side of the Douglas family

I was presenting a possible line of relationship with the Pettus family. I shall stand my ground and find this not to be the case. It was enticing to think such a relationship would be true since the founding father was the founder of the East India Company and his son Sir John had a daughter named Isabella who died young and was buried in Saint Jude's Church. I thought that it was possible that Sir Thomas, son of the founder had 20 children and named one in memory of the Isabella who died…


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VOC Dutch sources

Important addresses for the history of the VOC
Dutch Maritime Museum Amsterdam…

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The Maternal Side of the family

I am now able to provide the maternal side of this family.

Isabella, the wife of Lt Col Edward Douglas was a daughter of Sir Thomas Pettus and Cicele King. Isabella married Edward Douglas in Jamestown, Virginia, about 1630. This was her only marriage. I suggest that Edward Douglas married twice. First he was married to a Bowman and there were no children. He followed with his marriage to Isabella Pettus. Sir Thomas Pettus was a member of the 3rd Charter of the Virginia Company. He was…


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Edward Douglas (Junior) taking root in Vurginia

The first reference to Lt Col Edward Douglas is in 1638 or 1639. By 1650 he had risen to fourth in importance in both Northampton and Accomack Counties of Virginia. See Deeds, Wills, etc. iv, 1651-1654 "On March 1651 "We whose names are subscribed whereby promise to be true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England, as it is , now established, without King or House of Lords- Nathaniel Littleton, Obedience Robins, Edmund Scarburgh, Edward Douglas, " and it continues with 50 or more…


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Poaching on Dale's Gift

Remember William Burdette was granted a patent for 1050 acres  four years before Lt. Edward Douglas was granted his patent for the same land. In March 1641 Samuel Chandler attorney for the executors of Dame Elizabeth Dale's estate "did this day petition the Board (Virginia Council) for divers land granted by the old Treasurer and Company to Sir Thomas Dale, Knight, long since deceased". We may conclude that Shrimpton through Chandler, had received a favorable response on this seaside patent…


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Queen's 2021 Birthday Honours

Congratulation go to the following on their appointments in Her Majesty's Birthday Honours:

• Commander of the Order of the British Empire: Susan Frances DOUGLAS, Chief Executive Officer, Eden Academy Trust, and Senior Adviser, Schools, British Council. For services to Education; High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

• Member of the Order of the British Empire:  Clive Anthony DOUGLAS, Chair of the Board of Trustees, The Boleyn Trust. For services to Education; London

• Member of…


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Continuation of previous post

This patent was at the time when the prenuptual agreement was signed by the Littletons and Douglases. As was mentioned earlier Dame Elizabeth Dale was the aunt of Anne Southy who married, first, Charles Harmar and second, Colonel Nathaniel Littleton. Dame Dale raised no objections to this encroachment upon Dale's Gift.

In August 1641 Richard Hanby of Westminster in Middlesex County, England, and William Shrimpton of White Church in Southampton County, England (executors of Dame Dale's…


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Patent to Charles Harmar

In 1630 Charles Harmar married Anne Southy, daughter of Henry Southy. Henry Southy had a sister named Anne Southy who married Lord who married Lord John Throgmorton. John Throgmorton was a brother of Elizabeth Throgmorton who married Sir Thomas Dale. Charles Harmar's patent for 1050 acres in the same area was granted 4 June 1635. The patent was for himself, his wife, Anne, and nineteen servants.(See Minutes of the General Council and Court, page 179. On 17 September 1644 the patent was…


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further incursions on Dales Gift

As mentioned Sir Thomas Dale died in 1619. His widow, Lady Elizabeth Dale, had a lifetime use of Dale's Gift with Richard and Isabella having a remainder interest. Lady Dale, never, made it to Virginia. Instead she appointed overseers to manage her holdings in Virginia. (to be continued)

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Dale family in England

Could it be that Sir Thomas Dale, his brother Richard and sister Isabella descend from Henry Dale and his wife, Isabella of Amesbury, daughter of Henry Plantagenet, the third earl of Lancaster? Henry Plantagenet  was the leader  of the Confederacy of 1324  that deposed King Edward ll and became the guardian of King Edward lll. Isabella's brother, Henry Plantagenet, became England's top militarist, and was Commander of the siege of Calais as well as the King's lieutenant in Flanders.…


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