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we are apparently descended from Bonnie Prince Charlie, either John Stewart is his son (no record of parents b abt 1749 (maybe to do with the Lady Primrose taking a child from B PR Charlie) & daughte…

we are apparently descended from Bonnie Prince Charlie, either John Stewart is his son (no record of parents b abt 1749 (maybe to do with the Lady Primrose taking a child from B PR Charlie) & daughter of John Stewart and Margaret Douglas (Tower) was Margaret Douglas Stewart 1794, probably the Granddaughter of Bonnie Prince Charlie (according to a letter I have)
its complex; theres 3 possible theories I have so far

Has anyone seen a John Douglas abt 1720 m. Agnes Donald  abt 1720, daughter Margaret Douglas 1739 married George Tower, their Daughter Margaret Douglas (Douglass) Tower married  John Stewart abt 1749 shipmaster
1:via JOHN Douglas and Agnes Donald both born abt 1710-1720 (Donald clan were great friends of B PR CH, and supported and hid him during Culloden) did he have child with a Donald. AND B PR CH used Douglas (amongst other names as pseudonums, as he and any child of his were under threat of assassination) B PR Ch also has John in his long name
2: plus the name Tower also means same as De La Tour (meaning of the Tower) there was a Tower Royal around 1350.
B PR Ch had Relation en 1748 avec Marie Louise DE LA TOUR D'AUVERGNE 1725-1793; child resulted, Charles DE ROHAN 1748-1748 (did he really die?, could his name have been changed? the earliest Tower I have is John Tower 1695 m Elizabeth Simson 1700

3: B PR CH and Clementina Walkinshaw apparently had an earlier child also

We , my uncles , mother, grandparents etc were constantly told as kids we were descended from Bonnie Prince Charlie but didn’t think anything of it until I started my family tree

I have a letter from 1964 talking of the descent and that either Margaret Douglas or Margaret Douglas Stewart were daughter of Granddaughter of B PR CH ; this was before I knew of the added generations ie John Stewart and John Douglas and Agnes Donald , plus the Tower family . so likely Margaret Douglas Stewart his Granddaughter (or even Great grand daughter) would make me 5-6 x granddaughter of B PR CH

The family had 3 minatures of Bonnie Prince Charlie (one of him and others with wife he apparently married and the child they had) plus jewellery ; have no idea where these are now , John Stuart Rust came out to NZ in 1852 from Aberdeen

an Episcopal church Bishop married Margaret Douglas Stewart to Alexander Rust in the mothers Margaret Douglas / Tower’s  house (not a church!) why? wanted to keep it hidden?  as wife probably granddaughter of Bonnie Prince Charlie, plus I cannot find the parents of her father John stewart shipmaster            

Now also B PR Charlie was in the Episcopal church

(I Noticed the Morton Douglas are/were too as I stayed at Dalmahoy country lodge at the Douglas gathering and the little Very old church on property is Episcopal)

 my Gr Gr grandfather John Stuart Rust, also "died suddenly with lot of blood" was he heamophiliac from Stuarts line. B PR CH was dyslexic (probably left handed too ) as many in our family are.

Has anyone yet read the new book out on Charles Edward Stuart “Bonnie Prince Charles  truth or lies" Roderick graham; it reveals a secret wife, yet to read this myself!

Also hope DNA of my son & grandson hopefully will prove the lineage. I for interest sake that I want to solve it , and how fascinating to have such interesting ancestors, along with the Red Douglas of Glenbervie.

if anyone can suggest any links I'd be grateful

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