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Im looking for Douglas(s) in Wootton, Northamptonshire.

My ancestor Joseph Douglas left there and moved to Bradford, Yorkshire (between 1861 - 1870). 

Joseph was born in Wootton, Northamptonshire in 1848. His father is Samuel Douglas born 1823, Wootton, and his father Joseph born 1800, Wootton.

I was surprised that my ancestor hadnt moved from Scotland, so Im wondering what they were doing in Wootton, all Ive discovered so far is that they built houses! I havent got any further back.

Has anyone got any ancestors from Wootton?


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Welcome to our network, Susan.

if you put Northamptonshire into the search box at the top of the page, you will find others searching in this county - most notably those seeking the ancestors of William Douglas, born 1610.

Other Northamptonshire relted Douglases can be found here:

Yours aye,



Hi William

Thank you for the reply and the web site address.

I didnt realise how many Douglas' were in Northamptonshire! This will keep me busy!


Sue Morrell

Hi Susan,

If you put the  name Joseph Douglas into FreeReg bp's you will find virtually all the men who come up are from the Easton Maudit Douglas family.  Wootton isn't very far from Easton Maudit so you might try to investigate any links between your Joseph b 1800 and the latest Joseph bp' at Easton Maudit in 1745 (who was a butcher) who may have been the Joseph who died in 1794, buried at EM.  What doesn't show up on FreeReg is that there was one Joseph in Chipping Warden bp 1759 and one bp'd at Bugbrooke 1724.  The Easton Maudit family seemed to go back there to have their children bp'd, or to marry or to be buried even when they had moved to other nearby villages.  At least until the late 1700s when they seem to have dispersed.  Do you have spouses names for Joseph, Samuel?

Betsey Howes

Hi Betsey

Thank you for replying, I hadnt thought of the FreeReg site.

Joseph born 1800, married a Mary Martin, (but Im not sure about that) in Wootton, 16 Dec 1823, I think I got that bit of information from the family search web site.

Samuel married Maria, but no maiden name, and no place, I just have the year 1845, but guessing it would of been in Wootton, as she is on the census' as been born there.

I will look further into the Easton Maudit families, I dont know the area at all, so I think I may need a quick geography lesson!

Sue Morrell

Hello Susan,

I, too am a 'Northamptonshire' Douglas. My paper trail leads back to George Douglas d1801 Culworth Northants. I have never been able to establish a link between Culworth, Easton Maudit, Wootton  etc Douglases. There were lots of different branches scattered over Northants. Interestingly, you say they were builders, do you think they were labourers or developers ? If you do come up with any connection to Culworth please let me know. George has proved to be a most stubborn brick wall ! 

Hi Susan, I have just joined and hope that this info is of some help. My line of the family were originally from Chipping Warden,where they appear to have worked in agriculture for some 4 or 5 generations. My GGGG GF, ROBERT DOUGLAS (1737 - 1829) became a bricklayer and moved to Byfield. The UK canal system was being built from 1760 onwards and there was a lot of work. Some people made their fortunes at this time. Robert married Jutias Smart in March 1763 and they had 10 children. The only surviving boy, James was born in 1783 in Hardingstone (very close to Wootton). Robert taught James the bricklaying trade and it is very possible that he also taught his own brothers, of whom there were 5. (William 1733, John 1734. James 1740, George 1741 and Thomas 1745) Work on the Canals finished by 1815, but building and its allied skills like plumbing and carpentry were common in the family. My GGF also James, had a building company in Northampton which was a real 'family business'.

It may well be that we have a common ancestor somewhere. BTW vicars seemed to spell names as they felt like it and baptism records contain Duglis, Duglas(s), Dugles(s). I did find a James Duglass born 1797 in Wootton, (to John & Ann) but no Joseph I'm afraid.

Hope this helps.


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