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Here are some things you can do in the Douglas Community Network:

1. Spiff Up Your Profile Page. Tell us all about your family research, start a blog, add widgets—have fun customizing your page!  You can even have a different design. This page is key to helping others with similar interests find you.  Make sure you give details of your ancestors - where they were born, where the died, and when. If, for example, you are looking for help with Irish ancestors, make sure Irish and Ireland are mentioned.  There is a short video that shows you how.

2. Post Your Photos! Show off some of your ancestors, or photos from a reunion.

3. Post Your Videos! Share your funny videos with the community.

4. Join a Discussion Group and get interactive with other members.

5.  Write a blog! Publish details of current research you are doing. Whether you have met a brick wall, or just made a breakthrough, why not share this with others?

But first... make sure you read our Code of Conduct, which is located in our 'Help Desk'.

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