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I shall outline what I hope to accomplish over the next couple of weeks. I have the feeling that Lt. Colonel Edward Douglas' father was James Douglas. Thomas Goffigon, who married Leah Willett, named a son, James Goffigon. Also, I am able to prove that Edward Goffigon, Jr., survived and probably moved to Northumberland Co., Virginia, with Captain Hancocke Lee, when he returned to Northumberland Co. in 1584. I, then, found an Edward Goffigon in Tennessee, who named a son, James. This suggests that Edward was a son of Edward Douglas, Jr of Nortumberland. The given name 'Edward. is rare among the Scots. I can prove that John Willett and Elizabeth Willett had two children-William and Martha,. Martha Married John Senior and had children. Also, When John Willett died, his widow married again and had more children. I shall add that Captain Hancocke Lee, son of Richard Lee of Ditchley, was very inv olved in helping the family.

I am puzzled why no one has looked at the public records, church records, the Visitations, in Norfolk England, If Edward was there he was certainly a prominent figure and one would think he would be in the recordsOver the next several weeks I shall provide my proofs and conjectures. I am counting on help from fellow can members.

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Comment by James David Douglas on February 9, 2017 at 21:10
I will try to be as much help as possible Henry. This is an exciting development. There is a story among early researchers of my lines that Edwards son, James was the father of my 8th greatgrandfather, Col Edward Douglas 1713-1795. I have always discountef that as a unsupported guess or at worse a total fabrication. Now this has renewed my interest in the possibility of a connection.

Making conections

The more information you can give about the people you mention, the more chance there is of someone else connecting with your family.

Dates and places of births, deaths and marriages all help to place families.

Professions also help.

'My great-grandmother mother was a Douglas from Montrose' does not give many clues to follow up! But a bit of flesh on the bones makes further research possible. But if we are told who she married, what his profession was and where the children were baptised, then we can get to work.

Maybe it is time to update the information in your profile?

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