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Hi William I enjoyed your newsletter. What you have achieved is remarkable. I have a question for you and it is unrelated to Douglas. In the early 1940s I had a friend from Scotland and I lost touch with him. It is possible that my friend and you crossed the same paths. May I mention his name to you? Henry

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Thomas Nottingham, son of Jacob Nottingham, will 1747

Thomas Nottingham wrote his will 10 July 1797 Wills, etc., #30, 1795-1798, page 302, Northampton County, to loving wife Scarburgh, to grandson, William Nottingham, to granddaughter, Sally Nottingham. to my three grandsons, Samuel, John, and William Williams, son of John Williams and Edith Williams. to son, Jacob Nottingham, to son, William, to Ann Wilson

Residual Legatees Margaret Willis, John Brickhouse My son, William Notttingham and Robert (Robin) Brickhouse.



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Robert Bell, son of Thomas Bell

I gave this line several years ago. Robert Bell was son of Thomas Bell and Mary Senior. He died, intestate in 1795 in Northampton County. Robert and Mary Jarvis (daughter of William Jarvis,Sr. and Ann Goffigon) Ann Goffigon was the daughter of James Goffigon and Leah Willett. Robert Bell and Robert Bell and May Jarvis had five children. One of the five was Betsey Bell who married Severn Evans Nottingham. Severn Evans Nottingham was the father of Elizabeth Ann Nottingham who married Captain…


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Children of Thomas Bell and Mary Senior

Robert Bell was the eldest son of Thomas and Mary Bell. This line I shall pursue as I descend down it through three lines. The youngest child of Thomas Bell and Mary Senior was Ann 'Nancy' Senior Bell (Please note that Nancy was given the middle name of Senior.) Nancy married Thomas Jarvis, son of William Jarvis, Sr. and Ann Goffigon, daughter of James Goffigon This couple was married 28 Sept 1789 in Northampton Co. As this is a line that descends from Capt William Willett I mention it but…


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Robert Bell, son of Thomas Bell and Mary Senior

Robert Bell, son of Thomas Bell and Mary Senior, was born circa 1747 in Northampton Co., Virginia. Robert Bell married Mary Jarvis, daughter of William Jarvis, 17 June 1772, William Jarvis provided security. See Marriages Northampton Co, 1660/1-1854, Compiled by Jean Mihalyka page 7. Administration of the estate of Robert Bell was 8 Sept 1789. Orders #32, 1789-1795, page 1. Admtrs; Mary Bell, William Jarvis, Thomas Jarvis. Apprs; John Stratton, Jr., Francis Costin, William Trower, Peter…


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Mary Senior, daughter of John Senior, Jr. and Martha Willett

Mary Senior, sister of Isabella Senior, was born 1729, in Northampton Co., and died 1789 in Northampton Co. About 1646 Mary Senior married Thomas Bell, son of Thomas Bell and Mary Watson. Thomas Bell wrote his will 21 June 1772 and it was proved 11 Aug 1772, page 50, Northampton Co. wife, Mary, estate during her widowhood and to rent my lower plantation to my son, Robert and after his mother's widowhood to Robert forever. To son, Thomas, my plantation in Savages Neck. To son, William, My…


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Isabella Senior (continued)

Appraisers of the estate of Stephen Dunton were Littleton Savage, Thomas Underhill, Thomas Bell, and Robert Clark Jacob.Will of Isabella Dunton,, widow, 14 Apr 1783 and proved 12 June 1787, Wills, Etc., #27, 1783-1788, page 480, Northampton Co, Virginia-My land has been sold to Littleton Savage (son-in-law), to granddaughter, Polly Savage, daughter of my daughter, Polly Savage, to daughter Betty, to daughter, Adah Evans and her daughter, Sarah Kemp, to daughter, Ritter Taylor, to son, Senior…


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Isabella Senior and Mary Senior, daughters of John Senior, Jr. and Martha Willett

Isabella had a contemporary named Isabel Dunton, a daughter of a John Dunton. There are two differences-Isabel Dunton always spelled her given name Isabel while Isabella Senior spelled her given name Isabella. The other difference is one had the surname Dunton and the other, that is Isabella, acquired the name Dunton through marriage.

Isabel Senior, born 1728, Northampton Co., Virginia, died 1788, leaving a will. Her husband, Stephen Dunton, had his estate administered 13 Jan 1772,…


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John Martyn, Merchant

Of London and bound for England on the ship Providence of London, ready to sail. In regard of the further love and affection I bear to Miss Elizabeth Douglas daughter-in-law to Thomas Teackle, and in regard of Mary Douglas and to others now at sea, all my estate in Virginia now in the hands of Thomas Teackle except 1000 lbs of tobacco to Thomas Teackle. Witt: John Custis, John Robins- John Willett now qualified as Administrator of this estate See pages 83, 86, 102, I, incorrectly, called…


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Lt Colonel Edward Douglas

After reviewing the wills of the brothers Edward, Nathaniel and Southey Littleton I thought it would not hurt to take another look at the will of Col Edward Douglas which was dated 1657 Northampton Co,. we find Col Douglas leaves his daughter, Sarah, a mare called Rose. Also to the children of my cousin, Edmund Boweman, the increase of my mare- when we look at Edmund Bowman's will we find reference to Rose. Daughter, Sarah Douglas receives two silver wine cups 'marked SD'. I cannot imagine…


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Will of Edward Littleton

Edward Littleton leaves his daughter, Grace, a mare called "Rose" with all her increase except for the first mare foal which wan s formerly given by Capt Edward Douglas to Sarah and Gertrude Bowman. 

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the Littleton Brothers

We find Gertrude Harmanson connected to Nathaniel and Southey Littleton as well as to Edmund Bowman. The name Gertrude appears to come down the Bowman line. We left brother Edward Littleton hanging out there. Edward, after the death of his wife, Sarah Douglas, was to marry Frances Robins, sister in law of John Robins, son of Col Obedience Robins and Grace Neale. There was a daughter named Grace and a child on the way. The wife of Edward Littleton then married Francis Pigot'



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Gertrude Harmanson

I need to add that Sarah Bowman was a daughter by Margaret---first wife of Major Edmond Bowman. 

We, now, turn to Colonel Southey Littleton, son of Colonel Nathaniel Littleton and Ann Southey. Will 16 Sept 1679 At Albany on the Hudson Rive0 Dec 1681page 42 Deeds, Wills, etc. #11, 1680-1692 Probate-entered into the Office of Records in New York in the Office of Wills and Testaments. John Willett, husband of Elizabeth Douglas who was daughter of Lt Col Edward Douglas, was a witness to…


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Gertrude Harmanson

I was curious as to how Gertrude Harmanson qualified to handle the will of John Senior, Jr. in probate of the will after Martha Senior, widow, refused. I was also motivated to find further connections to Lt Col Edward Douglas.

Gertrude was one of the wives of Herman Harmanson and he was the son of Colonel Thomas Harmanson, Sr. a native of Brandenburg, Germany.

I ,now, return to Lt Col Edward Douglas. Late in the year 1657 we find Col Douglas in the home of his cousin, Major…


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John Senior

My computer locked on me. I was completing the reference for the will of John Seener (As shown in Will Book) Will was proved 28 May 1709 in  Northampton Co. Wife, Mary Senner.  to my son, John Senner. Son, John, to be for himself when eighteen as well as daughters.  daughters, IsabeDaughters not named. Wife Extrx. John Savage, Joshua Cowdry,Hammon Firkitell, and John Tatum to oversee.

We now come to John Senior, Jr. who married Martha Willett, probably eldest daughter of Captain…


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Mary Senior, grandaughter of Ensigne Thomas Savage

Mary Savage, dau of John Savage and Mary Robins, mar 2) John Senior, who 4 Mar 1684/5 aged 14, chose his father-in-law, (step-father} John Hudson as his guardian. See Order Book 12 1683-1689 page 115

John Seener, will written 7 Mar 1708/9, and proved 28 May 1709, page 39 Deed Wills

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Captain John Savage, son of Ensigne Thomas Savage

Captain John Savage deposed 22 Nov 1677 that he was age 53 See Order Book 10, 1674-1678 page 235. That on 21 Nov 1637 he renewed his mother's patent of 24 Aug 1635 for land given his father by the King of the Eastern Shore. Captain John Savage represented County in the House of Burgess 1665-1676.

Captain John Savage mar 1) Ann Elkington  and 2) Mary Robins, daughter of Obedience Robins.

There were children by both marriages. As I descend from the second marriage I shall only…


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Ensigne Thomas Savage

The Court in Jamestown issued an order 7 Mar 1624/5, that Ensigne Thomas Savage shall interpret for the good of the Plantation of Accomack according to such directions as he shall receive from Captain William Eppes or else to enter into bonds of 200 pounds sterling into sufficient surities unto Capt William Eppes not to have any conference at all or familiaritie with the Indians of those parts.

Thomas Savage died between 12 Aug 1631 and 24 Sept 1633 when "the widow Hannah Savage went…


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Ensigne Thomas Savage

gave to Savage a large tract of land on the Shore, estimated at 9000 acres. This gift, affirmed in two subsequent patents, is recorded in the 1626 list See Hotten page 189. In the census of 1623/4 Thomas Savage was shown living on the Eastern Shore and in the Muster of 1625 as Ancient {Ensigne} Thomas Savage who sailed from England aboard the John and Francis in 1607. His wife, Anne (Hannah) was aboard the Sea Flower in 1621. In the 1625 Muster she was shown as the wife of Thomas Savage..…


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Thomas Savage

Master John Pory Secretary of The Virginia Company, in an account of his visit to the Eastern Shore of Virginia in 1621 wrote "Not long after Namenacus, King of Pawtuxent, came to us to seek for Thomas Savage, our interpreter,...with much honestie and good successes he hath served the publique, w/o any publique recompense , yet had an arrow shot through his body and service.

About 1622 the King of the Eastern Shore-cont.

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Making conections

The more information you can give about the people you mention, the more chance there is of someone else connecting with your family.

Dates and places of births, deaths and marriages all help to place families.

Professions also help.

'My great-grandmother mother was a Douglas from Montrose' does not give many clues to follow up! But a bit of flesh on the bones makes further research possible. But if we are told who she married, what his profession was and where the children were baptised, then we can get to work.

Maybe it is time to update the information in your profile?

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