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Generation 1-Lt Thomas Hunt, Gent., cont.

Will-Thomas Hunt, Sr.,Gent.,22 May 1655/29 Jan 1655=Deeds, Wills, etc.,V, 1654-1655, f 90. loving wife, Joane and son Thomas Hunt extrs. to my daughter, Frances Bibby the wife of Edmund Bibby 299 acres in Accomack County. To Elizabeth Bibby the dau of Frances Bibby 200 acres. If my wife marries and my son dies without issue then 2/3 of my son's estate to Frances and Elizabeth Bibby and the other 1/3 to my sister, Ann Harris. Witt: Alexander Maxwell, Francis Stockley.

In probate shows Thomas Hunt a Lieutenate as well as the chain of command.

Will of Joane Hunt widow of Thomas Hunt, Sr.,20 Jan 1656/26 Feb 1656, Deeds, Wills, etc.,VII. #7. 1655-1657, f63.

To my dau Frances Bibbye all my clothes my wedding ring, and silver bodkin. To Thomas Parramore  one serge suit and to Frances Parramore a calf. To my grandchild, Mary Hill, one cow cal[. And to Patience Hill one cow calf. To my grandchild, Elizabeth Bibby, one mare coult (when it shall please God that my son Thomas Hunt buys a mare). she to receive the first mare coult. To Mary Beck's child one calf when the mother is free. To my mayde Ann Dreyton one cow calf when she is free. Remaining estate to my son, Thomas Hunt. Witt: Alexander Maxwell, James Campbell. Note: Mary Eires is the Eldest dau of Richard Hill.-1657-1664, page 160.

Son, Thomas Hunt, will be addressed in Generation 2 as well as daughter, Frances Hunt because she married Nathaniel Wilkins a brother of Ann Wilkins, who became the wife of Thomas Hunt, Jr., who is remembered as Captain Thomas Hunt, Gent. Nathaniel Wilkins deposed 13Dec., 1671, he was aged 30, and 2 Feb 1674/5, he was aged 38. -Will Book  19, 1678 page 35 and Order Book 9, 1664-1674I shall mention that Nathaniel Willkins and Ann Hunt were grandparents of Nathaniel Stratton who married Elisha Hunt, dau of Azariah Hunt and Ann Willett, dau of Captain William Willett. Generation 4is where we will provide details. His mother, Ann Vosse , 30 April 1660, deeded him  500 acres on which she lived. Some trivia points about Lt. Thomas Hunt.  Hunt You may recall that Elisha was a granddaughter of Captain William Willett and was mentioned in Captain Willet's will. Some trivia points- On the very top line of the first page of the oldest courthouse records in America,dating Jan 1632,we find mention of Thomas Hunt. It is a fragment and says "....Thomas Hunt appeared..." When Thomas Hunt made his presence known, it was obvious he had a dislike for6 William Stone, High Sheriff of the county. William Stone was to become a provisional governor of Maryland at the request of Lord Baltimore. Lord Baltimore was seeking a Protestant to manage his dominion. I shall next tell you about the matter involving Captain John Neale, Lt. Thomas Hunt, and William Stone. When displaying his dislike for Stone Hunt said he did not trust William Stone any further than he could heave a mill stone.-no pun intended.

William Stone had married a Graves who inherited some land just below that of John Neale's land. You may recall I mentioned that John Neale's land bordered that owned by Thomas Hunt. The matter was serious and a court hearing was arranged for the parties in James City County/ The Court gave instructions to the local Court in Northampton County. See Orders, Wills, Deeds, etc., 1V #4, 1651-1654, f235, page 9 Open Court  2 August 1640. "The Court ordered John Neale and Thomas Hunt to alter marks of their cattle and hogs it appearing that Captain Stone's and the aforementioned marks are alike. Thomas Hunt should have Farmer Jones, his marke, which is "cropt on the right eare and slit on the left."

It was not until 1660 that horse brands and ear marks required registration at the Northampton County Court House. How were these methods of showing ownership of personal property sorted out? As of 1660 each family that had cattle, horses, or hogs registered its marks. Does the above mean that Thomas Hunt and John Neale were of the same family? This could have happened, that Thomas Hunt had married a sister of John Neale and she had died. This speculation is interesting but has no bearing here. I think I mentioned that John Neale had purchased Smith Island. This purchase gave John Neale control over the ownership of salt in the county. One other thing I find most interesting is the mention of Farmer Jones. Farmer Jones was an Afro American and the first to own a plantation in America. He and his family moved to Salisbury, Maryland and establishe themselves there. Farmer Jones was called "farmer" as their was a contemporary named "William Jones". It is probable Farmer Jones became William Jones when he left Virginia,s Eastern Shore. I found a reference to Farmer Jones."We whose names are subscribed do hereby engage and promise to be true and faithful to be faithful to the Commonwealth of England as it is now established without King or House of Lords, Nathaniel Littleton, Obedience Robins, Edmund Scarburgh, Edward Douglas-further down we fins Thomas Hunt, also William Jones as well as Farmer Jones.


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