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This is the continuation of Obediah Hunt and his wife Margaret M. Nottingham. who are seven generations removed from Capt William Willett, Gent. This blog centers around a blog devoted to Margaret M. Nottingham for two reasons. Normally, such attention would pass me by as my scope centers around the descendants of Lt. Col Edward Douglas, Firstly It was a real challenge for me to find Margaret M. Nottingham's ancestors and I refused to allow this challenge to get the better of me. Secondly, this is new information and should be brought to light.

Margaret M. Nottingham is the daughter of Jacob Nottingham and his wife, Bridget, See Will of Jacob Nottingham, Sr written 21 Jan 1804 and proved 9 Oct 1809 Will Book 33, page 128. (Dr. David Scott, Abstracts pages 60 and 61.)We are still in Northampton Co. From the will we hear of Jacob's wife, Bridget and son, Smith Brickhouse Nottingham. In his will Jacob is not specific about his children, It is not the will that locks Obediah Hunt into the family. It is in the Inventory and Appraisement where all the children are named with the exception of ,,Margaret M. Nottingham. These children are Smith B. Nottingham, Thomas Nottingham, William Nottingham, and who is not named- Mary S. Nottingham. However, in Will Book 36, page 204 there is a division of slaves "between Obediah Hunt, in right of his wife." The slaves are named: Nat, Betty and Fanny, Eli, Finnetta, Dowly, Ben, James, Nicy, John, and Isaac, In Chancery Court, Northampton Co, 12 Jan 1824, page 204 In Chancery Obediah Hunt and wife, Margaret vs. Thomas Nottingham (a brother of Margaret M. Hunt) over the division of slaves The other children of Jacob Nottingham are named as well-namely, Smith B. Nottingham, Polly Nottingham, Margaret Hunt, Thomas Nottingham, William Nottingham, and Mary S. Nottingham. In Deed Book 30, page 150, Northampton Co 10 June 1827, "Received of Jesse J. Simkins and John M. Wilkins , Adm. of Obediah Hunt, the sum of 858 dollars 16/100 in full of my portion of my dec'd husband's estate, originally, and as one of the heirs of two children, Obediah and Susan Hunt,(signed) Margaret Hunt.Also, Deed Book 30, page 165, 1 Nov 1827, Received of Jesse J. Simkins and John M. Wilkins, Adm of Obediah Hunt, the sum of 955 dollars 20/100 the same being the full amount due Alfred T. and Washington Hunt from the estate of their deceased father (signed) Margaret Hunt, Guardian

In Minister Returns 1786-1821  25 Jan 1794 Jacob Nottingham mar Bridget Brickhouse, Smith Brickhouse provided security. Hezekiah Brickhouse' will was probated in Princess Anne Co 4 Sept 1792.See Will Book, Princess Anne Co., (1781-1871) page 197.

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