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Children of Obediah Hunt and Margaret M. Nottingham

The children of Obediah Hunt and his wife, Margaret M. Nottingham, represent the 8th generation from Capt William Willett and his wife, Ann Stringer

1) Washington Hunt

2) Ajfred T. Hunt

3) Obediah Hunt

4) Margaret Hunt

Land Causes Book -1833-1856, pages 117-122 provides us an excellent picture of this family. My information here is abstraced from part of one of these five pages.

"Orator and Oratrix, Joakim Wilkins (Jr.) and Margaret, his wife (lately, Margaret Hunt, widow of Obediah Hunt dec;d} of this county : that on or about the   day of 183  a certain Obed.Hunt of this county, departed this life, intestate, seized and possessed of a considerable real and personal estate: That he was seized of a tract of land containing 107 1/2 acres, more or less, adjoining the land of John Casey, of Wm D. Stratton's heirs, and others, and of another tract containing 94 acres, more or less, adjoining the lands of Wm D. Stratton's heirs, Dr. J.J. Simkins, Patrick Warren Jr., and wife, and others, and was possessed of the following slaves, to wit. Able, John, George, Isaac, Daniej, Solomon, Jacob, Ibby, Betty, Violet, Lucy, Hannah, Comfort, Edy, Rachel, Dinah, aand as to that which nd Bridget: that said Obed Hunt left your oratrix, his widow, and the following infant children, viz: Washington, Alfred, Obed. and Margaret; that shortly after the death of said Obed. Hunt, the elder, his son, Obed.. departed this life, intestate, without issue and under lawful age; thar shortlt thereafter, viz: on the day of   183   , the said Margaret, departed this life, intestate, under age, and without issue. That said Margaret. That said Margaret, and Washington, on the  death of said Obed. Hunt, the younger, became the heirs-at-law of the real estate descended to him from his father and they, together with your oratrix became his distributes of his personal estate, that on the death of said Margaret Hunt,  the said Washington and Alfred Hunt became his heirs-at-law of that portion of her real estate which to her from her father, and as to that which she inherited from her brother, Obed., dec'd., the said Washington and Alfred, and your oratrix, became her heirs-at-law, and distributes of her whole personal estate. That on the death of said Alfred, the said Washington, became his sole heir of that portion of his real estate which descended to him from his father and he, together with your oratrix became his heir to the remainder of his lands and distributes of his whole personal estate. And your Orator and Oratrix show that they are therefor entitled to   of all the personal estate whereof said Obed Hunt, the Elder, did possess after the payment of his debts and to the of all the real estate whereof died seized,  the said personal and real estate never having been distributed and devised. And your orator and oratrix show that this Court granted letters of administration were granted by this Court to Jesse J. Simkins and John M. Wilkins on the estate of said Obed Hunt, the Elder and that no part of said slaves are necessary for the payment of his debts. That it is exceedingly inconvenient for your orator and oratrix to hold the said land and slaves as they are now held=And your orator and oratrix show that they are entitled  to the above slaves, in fee simple, subject to the dower of your oratrix in said lands and distributive share of said slaves for life. In tender consideration  of the premises (to be continued)

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