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Lea Willett, daughter of Captain William Willett-wife of James Goffigon

This is a continuation of recording the children of Captain William Willett. Thomas Goffigon in his will dated 1752, mentioned his younger brother, James Goffigon, who married Leah Willett. Leah Goffigon had been left 125 acres by her father, Capt William Willett. Capt Willett had, also, named James Goffigon as one of his executives in his will. James Goffigon was born about 1717 in Northampton, Co. and died leaving a will, 11 Dec 1761/12 Jan 1762 Wills & Invventories, XXX-R, #22, 1760-1762. James Goffigon married, second, Mary Floyd 27 Sept 1755 in Northampton Co. Mary Floyd was born in 1725. See Marriages Northampton County 1660-1854 Jean Mihalyka page 45, mar 27 Sept 1755, Ann Holt, security

Children of James Goffigon and Leah Willett are

      Sussanah Goffigon-born 1742

      Elizabeth Goffigon-born 21 April 1748, died 1810

      Sarah Goffigon-born 1752, mar John Nelson 17 Oct 1772

      Ann Goffigon-born 1738, died 1778

      Rose Goffigon-born 1744, died 1784

      Nathaniel Goffigon born 10 Jan 1747, died 31 Jan 1808

      Southey Goffigon, born 1746, died 1788.

Children of James Goffigon and Mary Floyd-Thomas Goffigon, born 1759 and died 1799 mar 1) Bridget Elliott  10 Mar 1781 mar 2) Peggy 23 July 1783

Mary Goffigon born 1757..

All of the above were born and died in Northampton Co.

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