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Generation 5-

Sarah Hunt, daughter of John Hunt and Mary Tankred, petitioned the Court June 1729 that she was the daughter of John Hunt and "that your petitioner is now arrived to the age of sixteen years and her estate is in the hands of Mrs. Ann Pigot, her guardian, who refuses to deliver your petitioner her estate. Your Petitioner humbly desires you will order the said Mrs. Pigot to deliver to your Petitioner her estate pursuant to the direction of her father's will ." We do not have the outcome of this petition. Ann Pigot was the wife of Ralph Pigot who was High Sheriff of the county. Ann Pigot died in 1739 leaving a will. Sarah Hunt and Ann Pigot were 1st cousins. From the petition we determine her birth about 1713. No further information is available.                                                

There is one other child of John Hunt and Mary Tankred. It was Elizabeth Hunt who died before her father, John Hunt, wrote his will. We find her mentioned in her grandmother's will, that of Ann (Wilkins) Hunt.

On 13 June 1732 Mary Hunt, orphan, was represented in Court by her guardian, George Holt, regarding the division of her father, John Hunt's estate. Mary Hunt is  mentioned in the will of her father, John Hunt. At the time of the division of John Hunt's estate Mary Hunt was living in the home of George Holt. The will of John Hanby is revealing-30 Oct 1718 and proved 17 March 1718/19, Deeds, Wills, Etc., XXIII-R, 1718-1725, page 9. "to Ann Holt during her life my bridle and saddle, and then, to her daughter, Mary Holt". It would seem that Mary Hunt became 'Mary Holt' from the time she joined the Holt family with the exception of the time George Holt appeared in Court in 1632 on behalf of Mary Hunt. George Holt, seaman, dies in 1755. His estate is administered by his wife, Anne Holt, 9 Sept 1755There was a nuncup will probated 14 March 1758/59 "his last sickness being at sea I give my wife, Ann Holt, all my estate." There is no mention of Mary Holt (Hunt) in his will. Mary Holt was to marry Littleton Kendall 1 Dec 1755, daughter of George Holt, dec,d. John Harmanson, sec.  She had a second marriage to Isaac Nottingham. She is listed as widow at the time of marriage. Mary Nottingham lived a wonderful and long life. Mary Nottingham, will 4 Dec 1785, Minuites #27, 1765-1771, page 172. Mary Nottingham left to son, Isaac Nottingham and daughter, May Nottingham. and mentioned and mentioned son, George Kendall's estate, son by her marriage to Littleton Kendall. When George was just three years old, his father, Littleton, passed away. Littleton's death was sudden and Mary was administrator of his estate. George Kendall was in his teens at the time of his father's passing. In 1758 George Kendall became engaged to Margaret Eyre. The expected marriage never took place. George had succumbed to a high fever. His passing took a high toll on Mary Nottingham. Mary managed to live about a year before her death. We do know Mary remained loyal to the Holt family, naming her "brother, Stewart Holt" executor of her estate.

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