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Amber Douglas eliminated from New Zealand reality show

20-year-old Amber Douglas is the latest model-wannabe eliminated from the New Zealand TV3's Next Top Model show. Nine models remain.
Amber won the make-up challenge on Friday night's episode but her photo failed to impress the judges and she was sent home. The judges had repeatedly told Amber she needed to show more of her personality and relax.
But in an interview with, Amber hit back, saying she does have personality but she didn't spend enough time with the judges for them to realise it.
"I think everyone has personality. It's quite harsh to say that to someone when you don't know them," she said.
"When you're judged like that you get quite nervous and it's hard to show your personality. We didn't spend much time with the judges - the other girls know what I'm like."
The natural brunette wasn't too impressed when her locks were dyed blonde and her eyebrows were bleached on the second episode.
She dyed her hair brown shortly after leaving the model house and intended to grow it out so it returns to her natural colour. "I don't like spending too much time on my hair," she says - and she definitely wasn't fond of the ginger tone her eyebrows took on.
She enjoyed her time in the house but hesitated when asked if she would do it all again.
"I think reality TV is for really outgoing people, people who like being the centre of attention and that's not me," she said.
"My personality doesn't come off well on TV because I'm not much of a performer."
She got along with all of the girls, apart from Tyne and Bianca, and would have liked Tyne to have been eliminated in her place.
"You have to get along with people and Tyne really struggles with that. She kind of manipulates people. She wasn't fun to be around."
While she wanted to see many of the remaining girls succeed, Amber said Aroha deserved to win.
"She's wonderful. She's very wise about everything, she practises all the time and you can tell she really wants it."
Amber is studying fashion design in her hometown of Dunedin and hopes to pursue a career in fashion and modelling.

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