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Campaign to stop development at Douglas Support

The Rev. Sholto Douglas Campbell, M.A., second Baron Blythswood, inherited the estate of Rosehall, near Coatbridge, from Brigadier-General Sir Thomas Monteith Douglas in 1868. He renamed it Douglas Support and took the name Douglas.

The Rev. Sholto Douglas Campbelldouglas, as he became knowm, was the second son of the late Archibald Douglas of Mains, who succeeded to the Blythswood estate in 1838, and assumed the name of Campbell. He took an active part in initiating the parochial mission movement in the Church of England, and though he had inherited the estate, he remained in his English charge till 1887.

In June 1908 his mansion at Douglas-Support, Renfrewshire, was destroyed by fire. He succeeded to the title of 2nd Baron Blythswood, co. Renfrew [U.K., 1892] on 8 July 1908.

Today, the grounds, known as Viewpark Glen are under threat from developers.

A campaign is being mounted to retain the green space. See:

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Comment by William Douglas on June 9, 2019 at 17:56

There are grounds for hope that the remaining part of the Douglas Support Estate can be saved.
It has been announced today that the Viewpark Conservation Group has received an offer of a grant for the bulk of the money need to buy it.
They now have to raise the balance to acquire it.

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