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Generation 2 cont.-

In the previous blog I was providing information about Burgess and Captain Hunt. The Burgesses being returned, presented Col Thomas Ballard of James City County as their Speaker and who was accepted. It does not appear that Lord Culpeper ever showed up and no business was conducted in 1683. In April 16, 1684 Burgess members for that year included for Northampton County were Col William Kendall and John Custis. Captain Hunt had been nominated for that year and was refused entry for that year. It was John Custis who replaced him. The reason for denying Hunt his seat was his involvement on the Committee of Ten and the Grievances the group had with Burgess.

Fishing Poynt as I have mentioned was located at Fishing Poynt. It was here that the Court moved from near Secretaries Land to Fishing Poynt and finally to Eastville, Thomas Teackle Upshur tells us that the first church was built here at Fishing Point and was protected by a stockade. The second church was built at Arlington Gate. It was land once owned by Lt Col Edward Douglas that eventually became the property of Captain William Willett. Captain Willett sold this property to John Custis. The church was crumbling and then called a church of ease. The deed from Willett to Custis allocated one acre for the church. It is historically significant as this is when Custis started identifying himself with Arlington. At a much later date a portion of the property was owned by William Jarvis of Arlington who built his home with the bricks from the church. He also provided the bricks for the Hungars Church in Eastville. The fourth church became St. George and was located in Pungotague

I may have mention earlier that Fishing Poynt was a neck of land within the boundaries of "Old Plantation" which included Old Plantation Creek and its tributaries. "Old Plantation is remembered as the original settlement on the old Dale Plantation. Its tributaries were well stocked with fish. and hence the name "Fishing Poynt".

Children of Captain Thomas Hunt and Ann Wilkins

John Hunt

Thomas Hunt

Gawton Hunt

Frances Hunt

Ann Hunt

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