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Generation 2

Captain Thomas Hunt mar Ann Wilkin. Capt Hunt patented 900 acres on Old Plantation Creek, 28 Oct 1669 and on 28 Sept 1681 and 20 April 1687 was one of four patentees of Hog Island. Will 15 Jan 1700/1-28 May 1701 Will of Ann Hunt 25 Jan 1709/10. Note# The Wilkins information make reference to Adventures of Purse and Person. Will of Cap Thomas Hunt -to son, John Hunt, 600 acres of my house and plantation, to son, Thomas Hunt, the remainder of the 600 acres. To son, Gawton (to be at age at 18) 200 acres lying on Broad Creek Branch upon the head of Thomas Harmanson's land  which said land I bought of Ralph Pigot To my three sons John, Thomas, and Gawton Hunt 418 acres on Hog Island To wife, Ann, two servants during her widowhood, named Edward Loughlin and Rebecca Alphey, and then to my sons Thomas and Gawton. To son John my horse mill. To dau Frances Benthall to dau Ann Pigot-Wife and three sons Exec Witt: Ralph Pigot, Edward Loughlin, Daniel Benthal, Margaret Nelson.  page 70, Orders, Wills, etc., XVIII, #14, 1698-1710.

Will of Ann Hunt-to my son Thomas Hunt my two servants Rebeahker Alfy and John Dilon for the full time they have to serve. to my two grandchildren, Elisha Hunt  and Azariah Hunt (children of John and Mary Hunt) to my dau Frances Benthall. My sons Thomas and Gawton Hunt and my dau Frances Benthall, resid. legatees Son, Thomas Hunt, Gawton Hunt and Daniel Benthall extrs.  To John Hunt and Ann Pigot, one shilling each. Wit: John Thomson, Smart Hunt, Daniel Benthall. page 135 Deeds, Wills, etc., XIX, #19, 1708-1717.(It was in probate that Thomas Hunt was recognized as Captain and where he was in the chain of command)

Captain Thomas Hunt is remembered as a member of The Committee of Ten who in June 1676 drew up a petition setting fort seventeen grievances which were then presented to the General Assembly of Virginia by the two Burgess members. Captain Thomas Hunt was a Burgess representing Northampton County in 1683 and 1684.along with William Kendal. For the same year, Burgess representing Accomack County were Col Daniel Jenifer and Edward Revel. On 10 Nov 1683 the Burgesses being summoned to the Court House the Lt Governor made a speech recommending  in view of the fact Lord Culpeper was not arrived, to confine themselves to the discharge of public liabilities. The Burgesses then returned =   

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