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I was presenting a possible line of relationship with the Pettus family. I shall stand my ground and find this not to be the case. It was enticing to think such a relationship would be true since the founding father was the founder of the East India Company and his son Sir John had a daughter named Isabella who died young and was buried in Saint Jude's Church. I thought that it was possible that Sir Thomas, son of the founder had 20 children and named one in memory of the Isabella who died at an early age. First it seems to me that one would need to be related to Sir Thomas Dale in order to  override the rights of Lady Throgmorton. Second, Lt. Colonel Edward Douglas suddenly comes into the limelight in his thirties. My contention is that he was employed in some capacity with the East India Company in Holland for a long period of time. Third, I note that Edward's cousin, Edmund Boman (Later anglicized to  Bowman), was a Dutch family which originated in Germany, fourth, daughter, Elizabeth, married John Willett, a man, close friend of Major General John Custis ll and a native of Holland.. also, James Goffigon, a descendant, was born in Holland. (Some scribes have handwriting hard to decipher and such is the case with the given names Edmund and Edward. Determining what is what here does not apply. ) Last John Custis of Arlington had some familiarity with this family, when he made his purchase of land from members of this family. 

I have not forgotten, Edward Douglas, son of Edward and Isabella. Edward, Jr. was born in 1647. He received his patent at the age of eighteen in 1665. The patent was for the full 3700 acres. After that if he were to pass away there would have been a will or Administration of his estate. There was neither. Remember Col Edward Douglas was in good health when he went to visit his cousin Edmund Boman in Accomack County. He became so ill he remained there until his passing,. Just think how this affected his son. And, then to have his older  sister, Sarah, die at the age of thirteen during child birth. This was followed by the Teackle marriage and that by the marriage of sister, Elizabeth, at a tender age to John Willet. John Willett was accustomed to an urban life in Rotterdam, Holland. He died leaving his widow, Elizabeth, with a vast debt. Is there any wonder why Edward, Jr., would leave the family and head for a new life?

I suggest that the father of Lt Colonel Edward Douglas 9wwas a James as we see it in the Goffigon, Hunt, and Edward Douglas. Jr families. The wife of James may be Elizabeth and if not a wife it would be an aunt. See will of John Martyn, Merchant.

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