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lt Colonel Edward Douglas and his antecedents

Edward Douglas journeyed to Holland, probably. in the period 1610-1615. He did not join the Scottish Brigade as I have explored that possibility which revealed no connection. In 1610 it was estimated that there were 10,000 Scots living in Rotterdam alone. It was certainly a hub for global commerce and Edward Douglas was there caught up in commercial activity. He returned to Scotland around 1630. We, next take sight of Edward now married to Isabella Gaynor, daughter of Thomas Gaynor, in 1632. Edward Douglas and Isabella were a party in the marriage of Andrew Elder and Janet Phune on 11 Nov 1632, hand Isabel (I am not familiar with this expression) , and witnesses to this wedding were Edward Douglas, Thomas Douglas, and William Pillores. This marriage is recorded in the Fife Dunfermine Parish Register of Scotland,(1561-1700).

my criteria requires that Edward's parents be James and his mother or aunt be Elizabeth. I also wanted to find a brother named Thomas. Edward and Thomas were probably in the employ of John Willett, Senior, the father of Thomas Willett of New York City and Northampton County, Virginia (Thomas Willet was the first mayor of New York City. It was It was Thomas Willett, Senior, who was approved by the King of England to have a rampant lion on his shield. No doubt these families were connected with Major General John Custis, who lived in Rotterdam. My guess is that Andrew Elder met up with Edward Douglas in Rotterdam and Edward and Isabella took part in his wedding. His wife was from Dunfermine. Remember Isabella was born in England. 

I, say, Edward Douglas is a son of Jason Douglas and Ann Tulio and they lived in London.

Elizabeth. It seems we have a Thomas in this familyas well. I am certain that Lt Colonel Edward Douglas. parents are Jason Douglas and Ann Tulio of London, England. I suggest Edward and Thomas went to Rotterdam in Holland and 

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