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An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the 'Fram,' 1910-1912, by Roald Amundsen, translated from the Norwegian by A. G. Chater, in Two Volumes (Volumes I and II, complete set) is for sale on Ebay.

What does this have to do with the Douglas family? You may well ask.

The volumes are signed by Amundsen in the upper part of a front endpage of Vol. I, "Very sincerely yours / Roald Amundsen," also both copies signed at top of marbled front endpages by August Sandberg as "Aug. Sandberg". Sandberg was with James Douglas, president of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, who with others discovered vast copper deposits while exploring the Coppermine River watershed in northern Canada above the Arctic Sea.

Also laid in is a slip with "Compliments of James Douglas" leading to the presumption this set was given by Douglas to his exploring companion August Sandberg after Douglas had got Amundsen to sign it, or maybe Douglas later got Amundsen to sign it.

I came across these volumes when researching the family, who make a rich contribution to our heritage.

August Sandburg was the geologist who accompanied George Douglas and his brother Lionel Douglas during their expedition into the barren lands 1911-1912 to explore the Coppermine River on behalf of their cousin, James Douglas, who at time was president of Phelps Dodge Corporation. Lionel Douglas went on to serve with Canadian Pacific Steamships in various officer assignments but ultimately reaching commander status with various CP steamships including the Empresses of Asia and Japan II. While he was Captain of the Empress of Asia he met Roald Amundsen. Lionel's brother, George Douglas, also knew well as most of the then current personalities involved with Arctic exploration. The volumes possibly began their "voyage" as a gift from Lionel or George to James and then subsequently to August Sandberg.

I am still seeking information on this family, and would welcome contributions.

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