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Hillary Hunt son of Obediah Hunt and Rose Goffigon

Surviving children of Obediah Hunt and Rose Goffigon These children represent the sixth generation.

1} Hillary Hunt was born about 1767 and died 1799 in Northampton Co. See Orders #33, 1796=1800, page 372, Hillary Hunt's estate adm. by Walter Luker (his brother-in-law)on 9 Sept 1799. Apprais. John Williams, Thomas Wilson, John Goffigon, George Powell, See Qrder Book #35, 1808-1816, page 183 "The Court doth assign Joakim Wilkims,Sr. guardian to Sukey Hunt and Obed Hunt, orphans of Hillary, dec;d and thereupon the said Joakim Wilkins entered into bond with Security as the law directs"-John Parramore, 14 Jan 1811.

Hillary Hunt had an extremely difficult life. In 1794 Peter and Margret Bowdoin sold Hillary Hunt 35 acres-See Whitelaw page 102.  Deed Book #23, `794-`800, page 484, On 9 May 1799Thomas Biggs and Nancy Warren(half sister to Hillary) gave 8 and 1/4 acres of James Hunt;s plantation to Hillary Hunt, 18 July 1799 Walter Luker and Sukey, his wife, (dau of Hillary Hunt and Delitha Luker} gave 13 and 13/14 acres "being his wife's portion of tht dec;d James Hunt;s plantation. All this flurry of activity was performed months before his demise. By the time Hillary Hunt died he had a total of 87 acres. Much of his married life Hillary was at Court seeking egress to the Bay. He was never successful in his attempts. Plat Book #1, 1784-1808, page 37, Hillary Hunt-Survey of 88 1/2 acres land, Jan 1794, bordered by Thomas Wilson, Josias Willis, E. Wilson, Benthall land, Bishop's land. Surveyed for Hillary Hunt in the middle of the land between sea and bay, opposite to Old Plantation Creek-bounds, courses, and distance laid down by a scale of 40 poles to the inch. N. Goffigon Jan 1794 It was called figure 3.

Hillary Hunt mar Delitha Luker 28 Jan 1796 See Marriages 1660-1854, page 54, Obediah Hunt provided security.(This was an uncle. His father Obediah, was deceased.) Delitha Luker was the daughter of John Luker and Elizabeth Map, dau of Howsen Map, dec'd. See Marriages 1660-1684, Northampton Co page 67.The widow, Delitha Hunt mar Joakim Wilkins, Sr.14 Dec 1801 page 127 Marriages 1660-1854

Betsy Hunt, dau of Obediah Hunt and Rose Goffigon, mar William Scott, Jr.20 Dec 1783, Southey Goffigon, sec Marriages 1660-1854, page 99. William was son of William Scott and Mary Carvey. William Scott, Jr. died in 1784. Betsy mar 2) Robert Clegg 21 Dec 1784. Betsy Clegg died in 1795 and Robert died in 18oo

3Sukey Hunt, dau of Obediah Hunt and Rose Goffigon,, mar Walter Luker24 Dec 1791, Marriages 1660-1854, page 68 Nathaniel Goffigon guardian of Sukey Hunt. Walter Luker was a brother of Delitha Luker who mar  Hillary Hunt.

7th  generation children of Hillary Hunt and Delitha Luker Delitha Hunt had mar Joakim Wilkins, Sr. and Joakim Wilkins was guardian of the two children.

1] Susan (Sukey) Hunt, born 15 Mar 1797 died 5 Nov 1848 Susan mar1) Thomas M. Scott 8 Apr 1816. Walter Luker sec., See Marriages Northampton Co page 99.  Thomas M. Scott wrote his will 22 Oct 1818 and it was proved 10 Nov 1819, Will Book 35 page 392 See Abstracts of Wills by Dr. David Scott, page 111.  His son was mentioned, John T. Scott and a child not yet born. Thomas appointed his brother-in-law, Obediah Hunt to be his Executor. See Will Book 35, pages 641 and 642 "cash paid Delitha Wilkins (widow of Hillary Hunt, mother of Sukey Scott and Obediah Hunt,) for boarding his widow and two children in 1819. Sukey Hunt, widow of Thomas Scott mar2) George Taylor and 3} John Hanby, all of Northampton Co.

2) Obediah Hunt, born1798, died Nov 1835. Obediah Hunt mar Margaret M. Nottingham, 18 Dec 1819, Southey Goffigon, sec . See Marriages, Northampton Co 1660-1854, page 54.

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