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Rose Goffigon daughter of James Goffigon and Leah Willett marries Obediah Hunt

Obediah Hunt, born 1740, who mar Rose Goffigon, daughter of James Goffigon and Leah Willett in1763, Northampton Co. Obedian's will, See Wills & Inventories, #24, 1766-1772, page 422. Will written 9 Dec 1771 and proved 13 Jan 1772, "to wife, Rose, to son, John, 2/3 of  plantation to be sold to pay debts. John Hunt's inheritance totaled 106 acres. Remaining estate to be divided by wife and children. Wife and Azariah Hunt Extrs. Obediah's wife, Rose Goffigon, had two subsequent marriages, Benjamin Johnson, and Peter Warren. Rose Warren left a will, Wills, etc., #27, 1783-1788, page 68. "to dau Bettsy Hunt, dau, Sukey Hunt, and Nancy a dau by Peter Warren. Mentions son, Nathaniel Warren. Mentions children by Obediah; James Hunt, Hillary Hunt, Bettsey Hunt, and Sukey Hunt., Son, John Hunt, was deceased, Although he had married there were no children. It is believed that John Hunt had married a dau of John Respess. The Inventory of the estate of Obediah Hunt takes place 11 May 1790. See Wills, etc. #27, 1783, page 217  11 May 1790 Daniel Benthall, John Respess, and Nathaniel Goffigon. divide the estate of Obediah Hunt, deceased-We subscribers divide the estate of Obediah Hunt at the death of Rose Warren, amounted to 224.14.5 and 1/2, includes the widow of John Hunt, who died befor his mother-whole to be divided among James Hunt, Betsy Scot, Hillary Hunt, and Sukey Hunt, the surviving children of said Obediah Hunt, dec'd.

Children of Obediah Hunt and Rose Goffigon

1) John Hunt, born 1755, Northampton Co., mar a Respess (not confirmed} died 1775 no children

2) James Hunt, born 1793, never, mar Orders, @32, 1789-1795, page 296-9 July 1793- Adm Hillary Hunt,  Apprs Nathaniel Goffigon, Daniel Benthall, John Williams, Thomas Hunt

3) Hillary Hunt, born 1767, died 1798

4)Betsy Hunt, died 1795

5)Sukey Hunt, born 1770, died 1811

All births, marriages, and deaths are in Northampton Co. These five children represent the 6th generation.


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