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Oronto Douglas awaits news of kidnapped sister's release

Special Adviser to the President of Nigeria on Research and Documentation, Oronto Douglas is anxiously awaiting news of the release of his sister, Augusta Douglas-Ayam.

Bargaining has been continuing over the ransom to be paid, with observers hoping that the matter will be resolved satisfactorily today, Monday 21st October.

Augusta (left) was kidnapped on Monday 14th October 2013, by a nine-man gang in military uniforms who abducted Douglas-Ayam on Monday evening at her store in Ogbia town, headquarters of Ogbia Local Government Area of the state and sped away with her in a speedboat.

The kidnappers reportedly contacted her husband, Mr. Azibayam the following day, requesting N500m as ransom.

They however reduced the ransom to N17m on Friday and later to N10m on Saturday after they failed to speak with the presidential aide one on one.

A report says after discussing with her husband, Azibayan, the kidnappers said they could only consider N10M, but he said the family could only afford N3million.

The head of the Douglas’ family, Romeo Douglas, in a statement said the abduction was giving them concern because of the victim’s poor state of health.

He appealed to the hoodlums not to harm her but to treat her well. Douglas said the family was confident that security agencies would handle the incident diligently and uncover the motives behind the abduction of the mother of an eight-year-old girl.

The kidnap occurred almost one year after the burial of her father at which the former Governor of Kaduna State, Mr. Patrick Yakowa, and the former National Security Adviser to the President, Gen. Andrew Azazi, lost their lives in an helicopter crash.  It is possible that the kidnapping is a protest against the use of military helicopters to fly mourners to the funeral of 'Pa' Douglas.

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Comment by William Douglas on November 3, 2013 at 18:55

Augusta Douglas-Ayam was released by her kidnappers on Thursday 24th October, nine days after she was kidnapped in the Niger Delta area.

"After nine traumatic days in the hands of abductors, our beloved sister Augusta Douglas-Ayam was this morning unconditionally released to the family," Romeo Samuel Douglas, a spokesperson for the Douglas family said in a statement.

The family declined to comment on whether ransom was paid for the release or not.

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