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Seeking descendants of Francis Wayland DOUGLAS

The following is extracted from Rootsweb

I've "rescued" an old photograph identified only as "DOUGLAS" which was taken at the Jones Studio in Providence, Rhode Island. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1870's with the man in the photograph most likely in his 30's at the time the photograph was taken. In addition to his name, someone has written "Registrar's Clerk" on the front of the photograph.

The photograph was recovered along with others belonging to the Class of
1878 at Brown University including both students and faculty. With that information I was able to locate two possible matches in university alumni records, the most likely match is Francis Wayland DOUGLAS who became the Registrar in 1879 at Brown University. William DOUGLAS was also a Registrar at Brown University from 1864-1879, however, he was born in 1812 so that would make him in his 50's during the 1870's, too old I believe to be a match with the man in this photograph.

Based on limited research and thanks to DOUGLAS Family Researchers, I was able to gather the following information regarding Francis and his family:

Francis Wayland DOUGLAS was b. Jul 1846 or 1847 to parents William DOUGLAS and Sarah SAWYER in RI. Francis was married first to Elizabeth Jane NICHOLS in RI in 1875 and his second marriage was to Anna Louise BURGESS (b. Aug
1855 in Lewiston, ME) on 31 Mar 1891 in Marion, IN. Together they had two children including, Louise Dyer b. 1895 and Theodore W. b. 1897, both in Indianapolis, IN.

Francis came to Indianapolis, IN in 1886 and died in Urbana, IL in 1921.
His obituary indicates that five children survive him including Theodore W.
of Urbana, IL; William DOUGLAS of Mercersburg, PA; Samuel T. DOUGLAS of Waban, MA; Francis Wayland DOUGLAS Jr. of Cincinnati, OH; and Louise DOUGLAS of Urbana, IL.

Francis' father William DOUGLAS was the first registrar at Brown University identified above.

I am hoping to locate someone from the family so that the photograph can be returned to their care. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.

Shelley Cardiel 

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