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When the Douglases fell out with the king, the 9th Earl's lands were forfeited in 1456.

Amongst those to benefit appears to be James Rutherford:-

JAMES RUTHERFOORD of that ilk, who, in a gift of the patronage of the kirk of Rutherfoord, which formerly belonged to the earl of Douglas, is designed filius et hae∣res,*quondam Jacobi Rutherfoord de eodem, 13th July 1457.

He appears to have been in great favour both with king James II. and III.

He was named one of the conservators of a truce with the English,*anno 1457.

He was afterwards appointed one of the wardens of the marches,*anno 1459.

He got a charter under the great seal, Ja∣cobo Rutherfoord de eodem,* of the lands and ba∣rony of Hownam, Capehope, Swinset, &c. 8th August 1471.

He got another charter,*de jure patronatus ecclesiae de Bethrule, &c. 13th June 1482.

Also a charter of several other lands, to him and Margaret Erskine his spouse,* dated 17th December 1483.

He was appointed one of the commission∣ers for settling the marches on the borders,* under the designation of James lord Ruther∣ford, anno 1484.

He afterwards got a charter from king James IV.*terrarum baroniae de Edzerston, 15th January 1492.

Also another charter from the same prince, confirming a charter granted by William Dou∣glas of Cavers, as superior, of the lands of Ru∣therfoord and Wells, to himself and Richard Rutherfoord, his grandson and apparent heir, and his heirs-male; which failing, to his se∣cond son Thomas Rutherfoord, and Robert his son and apparent heir,* and his heirs-male, &c. The confirmation is dated the said 15th day of January 1492.

He died in the year 1493; and by the said Margaret, a daughter of the lord Erskine, he had issue two sons and one daughter.

1. Philip, his apparent heir.

2. Thomas, who, at last, became heir-male of the family, as will be shown hereafter.

His daughter,*Christian, was married to sir Robert Ker, only son and apparent heir of sir Walter of Cessford, ancestor of the duke of Roxburgh.

Can anyone tell me where the kirk of Rutherfoord was, or is?

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