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Drysdale deaths in Greenock Advertiser

Death Record
DRYSDALE Alexander Accident 1846 Alexander, only son of late Captain Alex Drysdale, Port Glasgow, died from a fall on the brig ‘ William Hutt’ of Glasgow, on 18th September 1846 at Liverpool (Greenock Advertiser 5.9.1846)

Death Record
DRYSDALE Alexander Accident 1835 Captain Alex Drysdale died from a fall on his ship at Port Glasgow on 14th February 1835. Lived at Mearns. (Greenock Advertiser 16.2.1835) 

Death Record
DRYSDALE James Accident 1870 James Drysdale, Hamilton Street, Greenock, killed in Newcastle, Co. Down on 21st September 1870 age 26. (Greenock Advertiser 24.9.1870 & Greenock Telegraph 24.9.1870)

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Comment by William Douglas on August 24, 2014 at 17:38

The story behind the story - bringing genealogy alive.

Thank you, Russell

Comment by Russell Lynn Drysdale on August 24, 2014 at 15:57

                 9 years later the William Hutt  was used to lay the Irish-Anglo telegraph line 

Comment by Rhonda Sprague on August 20, 2014 at 22:57

  Thankyou William for accepting me. My sister did my family tree,and found out both sides of my family go back to Robert the Bruce. We were shocked...!  I look forward to seeing posts from others connected to our family.    We went to Scotland in 2009  for 2 weeks and thought we must be in heaven,  so much to see and find.  We found the town of Douglas and saw the castle, what was left of it any way.  We also saw many more, but the most amazing I found was the Red Douglas Castle, Tantallon.   We had a wonderful time.  TTYS  Rhonda

Comment by Russell Lynn Drysdale on August 20, 2014 at 2:36

Thank you for reminding me William I have been meaning to post that whole section .

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Professions also help.

'My great-grandmother mother was a Douglas from Montrose' does not give many clues to follow up! But a bit of flesh on the bones makes further research possible. But if we are told who she married, what his profession was and where the children were baptised, then we can get to work.

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