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Married women's names - Scotland 1635

In The Journal of Sir William Brereton of Handforth, Cheshire, wirtten in 1635, it states:

Wee lodged in Glasgoaw in Mr. David Weymes house : his wifes 
name is Margrett Cambell (the wives in Scottland never change butt 
allwayes retaine their owne names) noe stabling hereunto belonging 

I have not seen this reference to married women's names before.  How true is this?

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Comment by Russell Lynn Drysdale on March 27, 2012 at 8:07

John Drysdale, in the Netherton, bequeathed . ^00 Merks (£27 I Si-. 6r\d. sterling) to the Poor of the Parish.— R.&gzxd.- ing this, is the following entry in the Kirk Session Records, viz.— "8th August: This day the Session having seen Jo° Drysdaill's confirmed testament bro' in to y" be Jonet Burn, his relict, Qlk mentions thus, viz., that the said Jo" leaves to the toun and burgh of Dunfermline, for the use of the common good y'of, the soume of 400 merks Scotts money, restand be James Mercer of Kirkland be band, and the soume of 100 merks for s'' restand to him be george stirk, weaver in whitefield of Pittencrieff be band ; The said toun or burgh alwayes peying dewly to the Kirk Session of Dunfermline 

Comment by Russell Lynn Drysdale on March 25, 2012 at 13:14

 I have four pages of baptismal records , each couple are listed as described above , they date from 1748 , 1750 , 1755 , 1762 , each page listing 8 or more couples by given name and surname. For example , WILLIAM DRYSDALE , and his spouse , Helen Renny ...all couples were written this way by the clerk , i just thought it was a church type thing ...come to think of it Robert Drysdales Headstone  says something to the effect'' marker placed by loving spouse Margaret Ure '' 

I have noticed , even in old wills ,  for example  ,'' JANE SMITH '',  relict of  ''JOHN DOE'' never ''widow Doe''

 Good point William !

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