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Stringer Family

(James David Douglas-Of course you may make use of whatever I write on the Douglas family. (I am counting on you to find the connection in England. Not only did Mary Douglas return to England but Elizabeth Douglas, widow of John Willett, as well, returned to England.)

I shall continue with the Stringer connection.

Mary Stringer, Stephen Stringer, and Col John Stringer, were siblings. Lt Col William Andrews' first wife was Susannah -- Susannah and William Andrews had several…


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Lt Col Edward Douglas-Willett Family

Capt William Willett (2Elizabeth Willett, 1 Edward Douglas) was born 1670 in Northampton Co, Virginia and died 1739 in Northampton Co, Virginia. (Will of William Willett, Gent., written 18 Oct 1739, proved 11 Mar 1739, Wills and Inv. XXVI-R, 1773-1740, page 334, Northampton Co, Virginia) "to daughter, Elizabeth Goffigon, my 450 acre plantation where I now live, to grandson, Thomas Willett, the 400 acres whereon Francis Stokely now lives, to granddaughter, Mary Willett, to my three grandsons,…


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Lt Col Edward Douglas

I just tried the Discussion category and lost it when I logged off. I am respondind to James David Douglas query. The given name of Edward convinces me Edward was born in England probably the Norfolk area. William Douglas and I are in agreement on the birth Country for Edward. For the will of John Martyne, Merchant See Abstracts of the Wills and Administrations of Northampton Co, Virginia, 1632-1802 by John Marshall pages 82 and 83. will written 16 June 1669, proved 29 Dec 1669. Mary Douglas…


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Lt Col Edward Douglas

Children of Lt Col Edward Douglas and Isabella Dale

1) Edward Douglas, Jr.

2) Sarah Douglas

3) Elizabeth Douglas

1)Edward Douglas, Jr.(1Edward Douglas) was born in 1643 in Northampton Co, Virginia, and died prior to 1664 in Northampton Co, Virginia. Edward Douglas, Jr. never married. In 1661 he secured a patent for 3700 acres, representing the acreage his father held at the time of his death. (See Ralph Whitelaw, page 98, "Virginia's Eastern Shore".) Edward was…


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Lt Col Edward Douglas- Dale's Gift

In March 1641/2 Samuel Chandler, attorney for the executors of Dame Elizabeth Dale, did this day petition the board irginia Council) for divers land granted by the old Treasurer and Company to Sir Thomas Dale, Knight, long since deceased. We may conclude that Shrimpton, through Chandler, had received a favorable response on this seaside patent of 1050 acres. Beginning with the year 1645 with the patent granted to William Shrimpton and concluding with one final patent to Col Edward Douglas…


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Lt Col Edward Douglas

William It is good to hear from you. Thank you for helping me out. It is remarkable how you have brought together so many Douglas kith and kin from all parts of the world. I have just a smidgen of Douglas blood in my veins but I am proud of that smidgen. Oth er matters- Some of what I write may belong under other headings. For some reason I must stick to blogs. I lose what I print if I stray from this category. Take care Henry  James Douglas There is mention of Edward Douglas in Fife Co,…


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Lt Col Edward Douglastion of

Nov 16, 2015

With the passing of Sir Thomas Dale in 1619 and the passing of his widow, Dame Elizabeth (Throgmorton) Dale in 1641, there came a succession of overseers. One in particular, Charles Harmar, petitioned the Virginia Council in 1627 for 100 acres of choice land in what was considered a part of the Dale Plantation. Charles Harmar, aware of the destruction of records in 1625 had reason to believe that his petition might be heard and he be given a favorable response.(The Dale…


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Edward Douglas

November 15, 2015 Thanks to James Douglas in pointing out the year of birth for Edward Douglas as 1590. I must be weak in arithmetic. I just spent three hours on a blog and wrote too much. It all disappeared on me. I shall do it over this evening when I am in a better mood. Thanks for bearing with me.

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Lt Col Edward Douglas

Sept 14, 2015 Source for information regarding the Dale Plantation 'Dales Gift' is Ralph Whitelaw "Virginia's Eastern Shore" page  95. Dale,s Gift has been traced from Sir Thomas Dale who died in 1619, down to Capt William Willett, who upon his death, bequeathed it to his numerous children and grandchildren, in effect, destroying Dale's Gift as an entity, with its own history.

This is Edward's second marriage. There was probably an earlier marriage in the Norfolk area of England. I…


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Lt Col Edward Douglas

November 13, 20i5.

I appreciate the comments of James Douglas. This blog shall be devoted to just Lt Col Edward Douglas and his wife, Isabella Dale, widow of Thomas Gayner of Middlesex Co, England. She was born about 1587 and married Edward Douglas about 1639 in Virginia. Her eldest brother was Sir Thomas Dale, Knight and Marshall of Virginia. Sir Thomas Dale died in 1619.It is noted that Sir Thomas was granted a patent of about 10,000 acres in 1611 by the Virginia Company, This…


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Edward Douglas

Dec 1. 2015 Please forgive my delay in responding to your comments, My computer froze on me, I was attacked by malware and I was forced to purchase a new computer., It has taken several hours to delete 400 e-mails. This new touch system is making this difficult. I shall return in several days, Thank you for your kind comments, Regards. Henry 

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Making conections

The more information you can give about the people you mention, the more chance there is of someone else connecting with your family.

Dates and places of births, deaths and marriages all help to place families.

Professions also help.

'My great-grandmother mother was a Douglas from Montrose' does not give many clues to follow up! But a bit of flesh on the bones makes further research possible. But if we are told who she married, what his profession was and where the children were baptised, then we can get to work.

Maybe it is time to update the information in your profile?

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