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My branch of the Douglas family. Part 1.

Hello readers,

Well, after years of research and frustrating roadblocks I have finally pieced together my first article documenting my branch of the Douglas family. This is only part 1, I'm sure in time I'll add more to the story and what I'm documenting here has been a remarkable personal journey. 

I hope for the reader you may find some take away advice if you're currently or planning to do research into your own family history. I am not a genealogical researcher by any…


Added by Andrew Douglas on May 24, 2019 at 12:49 — 1 Comment

Former Douglas lands for sale

Presented as the ultimate ‘off grid’ residential and forestry estate in the south of Scotland, Blackhouse Estate, which lies in the Tweedsmuir Hills on the northern edge of the Yarrow valley, in the ancient Ettrick Forest, is for sale.

The Ettrick Forest or the 'Forest' as it was known has long connection with the earlier Scottish kings as a hunting area. The Douglas family were seen as the keepers of this area and it is after this family that the Douglas Burn is named. As…


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Hi All- I’m trying to find the archives that house the personal and professional papers of Captain Sir Charles Douglas, RN for the years 1776-1778. I’m particularly interested in the correspondence between Sir Charles and the Naval officers under his command. It is possible they may be archived with those of his son, General Sir Howard Douglas. (Does anyone know if that is correct?) Do any of you know where either the Sir Charles Douglas or Sir Howard Douglas papers are archived? If so,…


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Thomas Tweedle Drysdale

THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. ORDER OF DISCHARGE. In the County Court of Glamorganshire, holden at Swansea. TN the Matter of THOMAS TWIDLE DRYSDALE, of J_ Swansea, in the county of Glamorgan, Ship-owner, Dealer, and Chapman: and lately a Partner in the firm of Drysdale and Bergh, of Swansea aforesaid, Ship Chandlers and Sail Makers, a Bankrupt: Whereas at a Public Sitting of the Court held this day the Court granted an Order of Discharge to the said Bankrupt, Notice is hereby given, that an…


Added by Russell Lynn Drysdale on May 17, 2019 at 16:45 — 3 Comments

The Balliol Roll

The Balliol Roll, the earliest roll of arms for Scotland. It contains thirty-five shields of Scottish noblemen arranged beneath the arms of Sir Edward Balliol, king of Scots (c. 1282-1364), and was almost certainly composed for that ruler. Edward Balliol, the last of the Anglo-Scots, was the son of John de Balliol (King John of Scotland) and Isabella de…


Added by William Douglas on April 25, 2019 at 10:24 — 3 Comments

how the MacKenzie-Douglas line came about

How the MacKenzie-Douglas line came about

The Daughter of Sir Robert 6th Baronet of…


Added by Jackie Stoddard on April 21, 2019 at 0:00 — 6 Comments

Chevalier Douglas - a French-Jacobite spy mystery

Chevalier Douglas, Alexandre-Pierre de Mackensie-Douglas, baron de Kildin, was a Scottish Jacobite in French service He was sent on a secret mission to Russia where he was to meet Empress Elizabeth and conspire with the pro-French faction against the Habsburg monarchy.

He was to be accompanied by a young woman, his 'neice', to provide cover for his…


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Looking for a connection between the three Douglass, Thomas, William, and James, who in 1503 changed their surname to Drysdale to escape persecution, and James Drysdale, below.

My family tree shows a James Drysdale married to a Christine Curry (no dates) having five children, Henry, George, Janet, Agnes, and James Keith Drysdale. James Keith died 11/11/1917, and was married twice, first to Margaret Browne, then Mary Pearce. From the marriage with Mary Pearce,  they had three children,…


Added by Roger Steves on April 9, 2019 at 16:15 — 1 Comment

Douglas gypsies

From time to time, the Douglas gypsy connection is raised.

Best known was Charlie Douglas (best known to me, anyway) who revelled in the title "King of the Gypsies", but there are other families.

Thomas Douglas, Tinker, thief. Resident of. Bannockburn, Stirlingshire was transported to America in…


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On this day in 1856

On the 29th January in 1856, the Victoria Cross was instituted by H.M. Queen Victoria. The medal is the highest award for bravery that a British and Commonwealth serviceman can be presented. At the time of its institution it was written that the…


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Charlie Douglas (abt 1933-2011), born Doug China, radio presenter.

Contributed by Ben Moses (Pictured):  In 1964 Charlie Douglas was still working under his real name, Doug China, and was in management or sales at WINZ Radio in Miami when I started to work there as a part time DJ. I was in the Army at the…


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New Years Honours 2019

Our congratulations go to:

• Susan DOUGLAS-SCOTT Chair, Independent Living Fund Scotland,  who was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire for services to Human Rights, Disability and LGBT Issues. (Prestwick, Ayrshire and Arran)

• David DOUGLAS, who was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire, for public and political service 

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Douglas of Angus were not in charge of Hermitage at time of Mary Queen of Scots.

But can't you Douglas help defend it from encroachment of industrialization by wind turbines, since you were overseeing it as Earls of Angus?

Added by Mark Stephen Elliott on December 26, 2018 at 3:25 — 1 Comment

James V hung James Elwald as a traitor and Gilnockie and all his gallant company as traitors.

Do not think much of James V, he had a James Elwald which feel is one of my relatives hung. Of course today people call him James Elliot, and Douglas historians accuse him of killing a Cessford, likely I feel because the Douglas at this period of time where loosing power to the Bauld Buccleuch and the Ker of Cessford. 

James V also had Gilnockie hung which included his gallant company and among the  Eliot (ie Ellot Elwald).…


Added by Mark Stephen Elliott on December 26, 2018 at 3:15 — 2 Comments

Elwald becoming of Redheugh and Larriston, and also Ellot.

The chieftain line, the Elwald-Ellot-Eliott of Redheugh became of Redheugh, when land was passed from Archibald 'Bell the Cat' Douglas, fifth Earl of Angus to their family squire the clan chieftain a 10th Robert Elwald to be chief. 

Angus is Archibald 'Bell the Cat' Douglas, fifth earl of…


Added by Mark Stephen Elliott on December 22, 2018 at 18:07 — No Comments

Battle of Sark

Renewed border skirmishing saw Henry Percy, future 3rd earl of Northumberland, defeated by Hugh Douglas, earl of Ormond, on 23 October 1448. ;

Added by William Douglas on December 13, 2018 at 11:30 — 5 Comments

Scandal in the family

It is always fun to discover hanky panky in the family history, and so it was not really a surprise to discover that the daughter of my 13th great-grandfather was a naughty girl, when not much more that her sixteenth birthday - she became the mistress of King James V.

Elizabeth Carmichael, also know as Katherine, bore the King a son, a son,…


Added by William Douglas on November 30, 2018 at 14:08 — 3 Comments

Two weddings on the same day - what's the connection?

Intrigued by the marriage between a Douglas and a Middleton, and wondering if there was a royal connection, I worked to find out who Rev M Middleton was, and indeed, who was Mr Douglas?

He appears to be James Alexander Douglas (abt 1762-1830), son of William Douglas and Mary Higginbotham.  James married Charlotte Douglass on 7th March 1796, in…


Added by William Douglas on November 16, 2018 at 13:10 — 1 Comment

A Douglas 1926 350cc EW motorcycle in Borneo

History of the first person in North Borneo on a motorcycle trip between Keningau, Melalap and Tambunan Road

Between 9th and 13th August 1928, an American Doctor by the named C G Campbell made a daring adventure when he took his Douglas motorcycle on a trip from Melalap to Keningau and Tambunan on an inspection…


Added by William Douglas on November 14, 2018 at 12:00 — 2 Comments

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