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Is Google Wave the future of collabrative genealogy research?

Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

A wave is equal parts conversation and document. People can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

A wave is shared. Any participant can reply anywhere in the message, edit the content and… Continue

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Marksberry/Marksbury family name a Douglas derivative?

I recently came across the following story:

The "Queensbury" title, one of many with which the Scottish house of Douglas is associated, originated in the creation of Sir William Douglas (d. 1640) as Earl of Queensbury in 1633. He was the eldest son of Sir James Douglas of Drumlanrig (d. 1616). His grandson William the 3rd Earl (1637-1695), was created "Marquess of Queenserry" in 1682 and "Duke of Queensberry" in 1684. All of these titles and positions were created under the rule… Continue

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Douglas Barony for sale

I have been working on the Douglases of Brigton, and their connection with Dudhope Castle. As I was writing up the ancestry and history, I did not know that there is an opportunity to buy the Barony of Dudhope!

But checking on some amendments on, I went back to my research and found that The Lordship and Barony of Dudhope are being offered for sale at a cool £75,000.

Any takers?

Further details can… Continue

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New Scotland history site goes live

A wealth of information about Scotland's past is now freely available through an online resource developed for the use of pupils, teachers and those seeking to put their ancestors into an historical context.

Scotland's History Online covers a range of subjects, from prehistoric through to 21st Century Scotland. With more than 200 topics that include links to over 1,000 other online sources and a wide range… Continue

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Douglas of Brigton

Prompted by my friend Tony Stapleton on the Genwise network, I have been working at developing the history and ancestry of the Douglas of Brigton branch of the family.

I have not yet determined how the estate came into the family, and am a bit bogged down with what happened after the Douglas Vs Douglas… Continue

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Catherine Douglas wins the Ig Nobel Prize

Newcastle scientists Dr Catherine Douglas and Dr Peter Rowlinson have won the Ig Nobel Prize for Veterinary Medicine for their work looking at reducing stress levels in dairy cattle. In a paper published earlier this year, they described how giving a cow a name and treating her as an individual can increase a farmer’s annual milk yield by almost 500 pints.

Led by Dr Douglas, the research found that just as people respond better to the personal touch, cows also feel happier and more… Continue

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Douglas history slideshow

For an overview of the history of the Douglas family, view this video from The Douglas Heritage Museum, in Douglasdale.

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“Jesus was also a traveller” - Charlie Douglas

When I am asked 'Where do you come from?', I invariably open my response with 'My wife and I were both Gypsies'. Not very PC, perhaps, but it reflects the fact that we both spent the time before we maried in many diferent places, never spending enough time in any to call it home.

I never, in all the times I have had these discussions, imaginged that amongst the douglases there was some one who revelled in the title "King of the Gypsies", awarded him by his own Romany people for his… Continue

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Pauper cemetery clearance reveals Douglas graves

Source: Nebraska City News-Press, Nebraska City, Otoe Co., Nebraska, Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Joshua Goebel assembled volunteers from Boys Scouts Troop 246 Thursday to clear Otoe County’s pauper cemetery.

"Located on high ground at the edge of what once was the Otoe County Poor Farm, Goebel said a 1927 report indicated there were 30 graves there."

Amongst them were the graves of James and Mary (Molly) Douglas.

"After removing enough dead-wood to fill… Continue

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Getting it right

Yesterday, I fell for one of those spoof emails that goes around, and around.

It made me laugh out loud, and, funnily enough, I called it 'Getting the story right'. But the laugh is on me. Shortly after I decided to pass it on, via the GenWise website, where I also have a blog, Ed Douglasss sent a warning:

Maybe this is a clever joke. Maybe it is dead serious. I don't know.… Continue

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Lochleven Castle

LochLeven Castle

Standing on an island in a picturesque loch, Lochleven Castle consists of a small ruinous 15th century keep, rectangular in plan, standing at one corner of a 14th century courtyard.

The castle used to occupy most of the island, but the level of the loch has been lowered. Lochleven was a royal castle from 1257, and was stormed by William Wallace after being captured by the English.

The English besieged the castle in 1301, but it was… Continue

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Randini – the man who helped Houdini

Randini book cover

Houdini; the Man Who Could Escape From Anything Or Anywhere; the Man Who Could Walk Through Walls and Cheat Death. And yet the stunt that helped to make Houdini a legend- escaping from a strait jacket whilst suspended hundreds of feet in the air wasn’t invented by the Master Mystifier. That honour belonged to a long forgotten Sheffield schoolboy...

Randini-The Man Who Helped Houdini is the remarkable story of a fan who helped reinvent… Continue

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Should Scotland repeat The Gathering?

Homecoming 2009 is a Scottish celebration of not only Robert Burns but some of Scotland's great contributions to the world: Burns, Golf, Whisky, The Enlightenment and Innovation, as well as our rich culture and heritage which lives on at home and through the many people of Scots descent who live out with our shores. One of the highlights was The… Continue

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Why is Jimmy Douglas in the news?

Jimmy Douglas, an Aberdeenshire farmer is the talk of the farming world after his exploits in Lanark Auction Mart.

Already an expert sheep breeder, he is now hoping his record breaking purchase will take him to new heights.

Read our full story, and if you can help fill in any biographical details, please let us know.

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Verifying Online Sources - A Genwise discussion

Many budding genealogists are excited when they find that many of the names in their family tree are easily found online. Proud of their accomplishment, they then download all the data they can from these Internet sources, import it into their genealogy software and proudly start sharing their "genealogy" with others. Their research then makes its way into new genealogy databases and collections, further perpetuating the new "family tree" and amplifying any errors each time the source is… Continue

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Google News Timeline - a genealogy resource

In April, google launched a new feature on Google Labs that organizes many different types of search results on a zoomable, graphical timeline.

Google News Timeline presents search results from a wide range of sources. You can search and browse results from Google News, including headlines, quotes, photos from our Hosted News partners, and YouTube partner videos.… Continue

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Launch Of GenealogyWise Networking Website

An extraordinary thing happened a few weeks ago: the creators of GenealogyWise, a social networking site dedicated entirely to genealogy, quietly launched their website without an announcement, possibly thinking of a small, informal launch during which they could quietly work out the bugs and refine the features.

That was before 2,918 members joined in three days, created 1,912 interest groups, started 55 forums and posted more than 100 blog entries. Now, there are more than 12,000… Continue

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Curse of the Queensberrys

Tuesday August 4,2009, Daily Express

By Anna Pukas

Lord Milo Douglas who threw himself to his death from a tower block was the latest member of a troubled aristocratic family with a chequered history that has links to both Oscar Wilde and Osama Bin Laden

On a rainy night last month a 34-year-old charity worker named Milo Douglas climbed to the top of a block of council flats in central London and jumped off.

His body was found in front of Reading… Continue

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Report on the 2009 Edinburgh Clan Gathering

The following article has been contributed:

The Celebration of Robert Burns’ 250th birthday, and a flagging tourist industry sparked the largest gathering of the Scottish Clans since 1822. As part of the Scottish Homecoming Festival, the 25th and 26th July this year, saw THE GATHERING, held in the grounds of Holyrood Castle in Edinburgh Scotland with a Clan Parade up the ‘Royal Mile’ to a Pageant in the foyer of Edinburgh Castle itself. Over 50 thousand people attended, but only… Continue

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James Douglas, DCM, MM

I was told a story at the 2009 Clan Gathering and would like to learn more about a remarkable character.

James Douglas fought in Armenia, and was taken prisoner by the Russians in the 1st World War. He escaped, but was re-captured and then became part of an exchange for a Russian admiral. At what stage he was awarded the DCM and MM I do not know.

After the war, he became chauffeur for Sir Maxwell Scott at Abbotsford.

Can anyone throw light on…


Added by William Douglas on August 9, 2009 at 18:00 — 2 Comments

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