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January 2016 Blog Posts (12)

Rose Goffigon daughter of James Goffigon and Leah Willett marries Obediah Hunt

Obediah Hunt, born 1740, who mar Rose Goffigon, daughter of James Goffigon and Leah Willett in1763, Northampton Co. Obedian's will, See Wills & Inventories, #24, 1766-1772, page 422. Will written 9 Dec 1771 and proved 13 Jan 1772, "to wife, Rose, to son, John, 2/3 of  plantation to be sold to pay debts. John Hunt's inheritance totaled 106 acres. Remaining estate to be divided by wife and children. Wife and Azariah Hunt Extrs. Obediah's wife, Rose Goffigon, had two subsequent marriages,…


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Children of James Goffigon and Leah Willett

This is a continuation of my previous blog where I introduce James Goffigon and his wife, Leah Willett.

Children of James and Leah represent the 5th generation from Lt Col Edward Douglas.

1) Susannah Goffigon, born 1742

2) Elizabeth Goffigon, born 21 Apr 1748, died 1810

3)Sarah Goffigon, born 1752, mar John Nelson, 17 Oct 1772, born 1747

4) Anne Goffigon, born 1738, died 1778.

5) Rose Goffigon, born 1784,

6) Nathaniel Goffigon born 10 Jan…


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Nathaniel Goffigonson of James Goffigon, wife Leah Willett

James Goffigon , son of Thomas Goffigon and Mary Duparkes, married Leah Willett, born about 1720, Northampton Co, and daughter of Capt William Willett and Ann Stringer. Leah represents the fourth generation from Lt Col Edward Douglas. Leah married James Goffigon 1740 in Northampton Co. Leah died about 1754 in the same county. James Goffigon was born about 1717, in Northampton Co. James married 2) Mary Floyd,  27 Sept , 1755. James died 1762 in Northampton Co.See Wills & Inventories #22,…


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Robbie Burns and the Douglas connections

Robert Burns, also known as Rabbie Burns, the Bard of Ayrshire and various other names and epithets, was a Scottish poet and lyricist. He is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland and is celebrated worldwide. Many Douglases have already posted photographs of themselves on social media attending dinners.

Robert Burns bought a ticket in 1786 to travel to Jamaica to work as a slave driver.

Burns in 1786 was faced with many challenges including penury…


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Hillary Willett, son of Captain William Willett

Hillary Willett, second child of Capt William Willett and Ann Stringer, mar Frances Benthall, son of William Benthall. Hillary Willett wrote his will, 16 April 1735 which was proved 10 June 1735, Wills & Inventories, #18, 1733-1740, to son, William, to son, Hillary, -my three sons William, Douglas, and Hillary, Wife, Frances, to be my exectx. Before It was in 1736 that Frances, widow of Hillary, married Alderton Gelding. To his three grandsons, William, Hillary, and Douglas, 650 acres.…


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William Willett, Jr., son of Captain William Willett

I shall now provide a narrative on the six children of Capt William Willett and his wife, Ann Stringer. The children are four generations removed from Lt Col Edward Douglas,

It is probable that William Willett, Jr. was the first child of the family as we find William Willett's mother, Ann mentioned as a witness to the will of William Willett, Jr. Capt Willett was a witness as well. See Wills, Deeds, etc., # 26, 1725-1733, page 27, Northampton Co., William mentions his "loving wife"…


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Columbus ‘was a freckly Scotsman called Pedro’

In an astonishing claim, Spanish historian Alfonso Enseñat de Villalonga has established that Christopher Columbus was a Scot - and a Douglas!

The historian spent 27 years sifting through hundreds of thousands of documents and now believes that he has proof that Christopher Columbus was descended from Scottish nobility.

In a new book, Alfonso…


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Dispersal of Douglas lands

When the Douglases fell out with the king, the 9th Earl's lands were forfeited in 1456.

Amongst those to benefit appears to be James Rutherford:-

JAMES RUTHERFOORD of that ilk, who, in a gift of the patronage of the kirk of Rutherfoord, which formerly belonged to the earl of Douglas, is designed filius et hae∣res,…


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William Willett, Jr.

The two sons, William Willett, Jr. and Hillary Willett, are mentioned in the will of Capt William Willett, in the past tense.

William Willett, Jr. wrote his will 13 Dec 1725. The will was probated 11 Jan 1626, Northampton Co, Wills, Deeds, etc., #26, 1725-1733, page  27. Wife Rose, To son, Thomas my wife's wedding ring, to daughter, Mary. Wife, Extrx-my friends Thomas and John Goffigon to assist her. Witt:William Willett, Ann Willett, Thomas Goffigon. Rose was the daughter of Thomas…


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Captain Williuam Willett

Thank you Karen for information on DNA.

Captain William Willett and Ann Stringer had six children. All married and had children. Now, I shall be addressing the 5th and sixth generations-the children and grandchildren of Capt William and Ann Willett. There are numerous grandchildren and only those from whom I directly descend shall I bring down to my generation. The list of children follows-

1) William Willett mar Rose Goffigon, dau of Thomas Goffigon, Sr, who mar Elizabeth…


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2016 UK New Years Honours

Congratulations to:

Rowan Malcolm Douglas of London who is appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

Chief executive officer, Capital Science and Policy Practice, Willis Group. For services to the Economy through Risk, Insurance and Sustainable Growth


Terence Thomas Robin Douglas of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire who is appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Chair of Trustees, The Who…


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Captain William Willett

( In one of my blogs I made reference to William Webb. The name should have been John. His son was William. William and James David your positive comments really give me a boost. All this writing becomes tedious at times yet I still enjoy bringing the lost souls back into the fold. )

Capt William Willett wrote his will 18 Oct 1739. It was probated 11 Mar1739/40. Wills & Inventories XXVI-R 1733-1740, Northampton Co., page 334. Capt Willett remembers all his surviving children and…


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